Paul Weston

Executive Council

After what can only be termed an academic disaster I was politely asked to leave my school, after which I became a deep-sea diver specialising in sub-sea pipeline welding. In my mid-twenties I trained as a pilot and utilised this qualification in Africa. After a number of 'scrapes' I moved to Prague (shortly after the fall of communism) and established a property development company.

I started writing articles about the left-wing destruction of traditional Britain in 2007, which led to my joining UKIP in 2010. I stood in the last-but-one general election but resigned when it became apparent that UKIP would not confront the Islamic issue, which I consider to be the greatest threat to Britain since Nazism and communism.

I joined the British Freedom Party in late 2011, but became disillusioned with the direction it was taking, over which I had little control. In 2013 I established Liberty GB with a small group of ex-British Freedom activists who shared my own political ideology - which is that for a political party to seriously compete in a general election it must appeal to Middle Britain, rather than just the core nationalist vote which the leftist mainstream media find so easy to vilify and smear. If we are to discuss taboo subjects such as mass immigration and Islam, it is imperative we do so from an elevated moral and ethical position impervious to leftist character assassination.