16 Years Since 9-11: Death by Stupid on Islam

As many as have awoken to the evils of Islam since 9-11, twice as many have fallen back into the sleep of complacency and the state of stupid.

In that small window of time, as America was grieving 16 years ago, Islamic apologists and jihadists dressed in western garb (CAIR) began their campaign to paint Islam not as the enemy of life and liberty that it truly is, but as a counterfeit creed. One that the ignorant would tolerate and embrace.

Muslims masquerading as westerners assured their little helper monkeys (the Left and progressives on the 'Right') that they could trust Islam and that the perps of 9-11 were frauds. And these dupes willingly swallowed whole this paltering poop.

But here lies the rub: if they were frauds and didn’t commit these acts in the name of Allah and for the benefit of Islam, then how do you explain the almost 32,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9-11-01? Were they ALL frauds or "misunderstanders" (as many Islamic apologists insist) of Islam?

That would be an impossible sell, even to a dunce.

The truth is, there is only one Islam and it has remained as barbaric from its inception as it is today.

Everywhere it festers, it enslaves, tortures, maims and murders all dissenters... without exception. The only times of observable peace have been when its followers are small in number, or all in its domain are under its draconian fist.

And with all the catalogued history of this barbarian creed, the West is still force-feeding its citizens with the lies that will eventually make them the victims of Mohammed’s demonic dogma.

When we weep for those who have already been the victims of Islam, perhaps we should consider shedding a tear for ourselves, as a precursor of our self-inflicted demise - death by stupid on Islam.

Shalom through strength.