Absurdities of Political Correctness

One of the absurdities of political correctness and its obsession with the unholy trinity of 'racism, sexism and homophobia' has been well illustrated by the latest fuss at Google HQ after aptly named software engineer James Damore (d'Amore?) criticised the company's 'diversity' policies by attributing its gender imbalance - i.e. supposed under-representation of women in its workforce - to biological differences between men and women.

Oh dear!

Damore had the nerve to suggest that under-representation in top tech jobs (women are 20% of the technical work force, with blacks at a mere but not unsurprising 1%) and gender pay gaps were down to biology and neuroticism, and that men have a higher drive for status but, in general, women are more concerned with feelings and people, and are more co-operative, less assertive.

We chaps are only too aware of the female nature: their emotions, their mood swings, their propensity for spontaneous tears at any moment, all as a result of the preordained role to procreate and nurture subsequent generations of our race.

Arguing against this obvious and natural paradigm is pointless, boring and a waste of time, which only goes to show how stupid feminists are and what a nonsense is the term 'sexism'.

Previous generations knew instinctively how important is this role, along with the strict control of our women and their morals (the patriarchy), something which has now all but disappeared and with tragic consequences for our race.

What is important though, is the spectacle of a company based upon science and logic suffering the slings and arrows of political correctness and saying the views of Mr d'Amore are "offensive" and not open for debate (predictably he has now been fired).

It's funny.

I remember when this all started years back with the 'take your daughter to work' day, when chaps were told to expose their girls to what would seem alien to most of them - the masculine world of work.

Fast forward a few decades and we have the vigorous promotion of other weird and wonderful notions: 'gender fluidity', where kids are told they are neither boys nor girls and can choose. There's even a film coming out about a boy who secretly wants to be a girl (Just Charlie), presumably with the objective of normalising such 'feelings' and persuading other boys to join in.

Corrupting young people isn't funny.

What a shock recently when a large, middle-aged, seemingly middle class bloke got on my train wearing nothing but a low-cut, short black mini-skirt - and with hairy legs! What a ghastly sight that was - and I predict we are going to see more of these freaks on TV reading the news or commenting on a variety of topics, just as we are now exposed to wimmin's football, wimmin's cricket, even wimmin's rugby, and not even told it's wimmin taking part!

The saving grace will be the utter absurdity of it all, so we must all get together and have a good laugh at it. If topics are too vulnerable and 'sensitive' to stand debate they will surely wilt and fade away under mockery.