"All White People are Racist"

Following on from my theory that British society has taken leave of its senses through the futile attempts of political correctness to cover up the failure of multiculturalism, multiracialism and enforced diversity, comes further proof in the form of a piece in The Guardian (September 6th 2017) by someone called Katherine Craig, described as a lawyer and "social change consultant".

The piece - "My fellow white people: if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem" - is based around news that the French cosmetics company L'Oreal has fired its latest model, Munroe Bergdorf (pictured above) - described in The Guardian as "a 30-year-old, black, queer, trans woman" - for claiming that all white people are racist.

If this idea hasn't instantly consigned most - or even all - white Guardian readers to the nearest lunatic asylum, it must have upset them, and caused a wailing and gnashing of teeth in staff rooms, council offices and news rooms throughout the length and breadth of the land.

If 'racism' is merely the natural preference folk have to be amongst their own kind, then black folk, Chinese folk, indeed all other ethnic groups, will necessarily be 'racist' too, which is not the sort of conclusion the likes of Katherine Craig would welcome.

The standard, politicised definition meted out in schools to our vulnerable and impressionable kids is that 'Racism = Power + Prejudice' which draws the dismal conclusion that even if we evil white folk can be completely purged of our natural prejudices (or more accurately, our rational judgements based upon empirical observation) we will still be racist until we also give up the 'power' which we hold - again, naturally - in our own land. Not a good idea.

Since the indigenous tribes of our former colonies in Africa, south Asia, Australia, America etc. were persuaded to give up their 'power' in their own lands we have never heard the last of it, even though we Brits helped those benighted tribes with our advanced technology, science and medicine.

Katherine confides in us that she is white, that she has many white friends and - generously - tells us she doesn't hate other white people.

In a further confessional, she admits to having "laid wreaths in the slave dungeons of west Africa, and gas chambers of eastern Europe", and I'm willing to bet she is one of the many people (overwhelmingly women) who fight back against Islamic terrorism by placing little lighted candles, teddy bears and flowers at the scene of their latest atrocity.

If so, she is indeed a formidable force against oppression and terror, having 'called out' racist language, championing the rights of people of colour, serving them with humility - and yes, she even has black friends -, but after all that, she confesses: "But that doesn’t mean my thoughts or actions have never been tarnished by a subconscious, racially prejudicial thought", and concludes with her bombshell: "Too often, we seem to think that racism means actively doing or saying something racist. Not so."

The race relations industry has been bogged down for years by making the big mistake of trying to change human nature - it cannot be done and leads to mental and physical trauma.

According to Bergdorf, "Slavery and colonialism, at the hands of white supremacy, played a huge part in shaping the United Kingdom and much of the west into the superpower that it is today".

Craig complains of the "stereotypical portrayal of black people in the media" and the idea "that lighter is better", and adds, "... if you grow up in a racist society, through no fault of your own, some of that racism is bound to stick subconsciously. It’s an unconscious conspiracy in which we are all complicit, unless we fight it".

Don't fight it, embrace it and be grateful you are white and for what our ancestors did for us (and for the natives fo other lands).

As for Bergdorf's comment, "... western society as a whole, is a SYSTEM rooted in white supremacy - designed to benefit, prioritise and protect white people before anyone of any other race”.

So what?

The history of art, science, philosophy, literature, civilisation proves white people are supreme (where is the black Mozart, the black Shakespeare?), but with a caveat.

That caveat is as follows: Environment.

Take the Australian Aborigine - on average intellectually inferior to a white Australian, but place one of each in the Australian Outback without means of support (no food, water, mobile phones, transport etc.) and see which one is 'supreme', which one lasts the longest.

Natural evolution has equipped the Aborigine to survive under such conditions.

Then there is the famous supremacy of Kenyan runners, again due to evolution:

It's nothing to do with 'prejudice' or 'racism'.

'Supremacy' is a relative concept and folks moaning on about, "Every day, I am still unlearning subconscious prejudices, and checking my thoughts, actions and language for hidden bias. Because I would rather acknowledge those faults now than look back in years to come and know that I could have done more to be on the right side of history" is a one way ticket to the lunatic asylum and servitude.