"Allahu Akbar": The Cry of Islamic Supremacy for 1,400 Years

We’ve all heard it and read it ad nauseam... since 9-11, every time an Islamic terrorist committed an act of jihad against innocent non-Muslims, the cry of Islamic supremacy is heard: "Allahu Akbar".

So what is this Muslim howl? We've learned not to trust the leftist fake news media, who have displayed deception concerning facts in the past - so we must do our own research...

A precise translation of "Allahu akbar" is "Allah is the greatest" or, literally, "Allah is greater," as in the god Allah is greater than all other gods.

How do I know this?

In interview after interview on my show [REELTalk with Audrey Russo, highly recommended! - Ed], from Raymond Ibrahim to Pamela Geller to Robert Spencer to Mona Walter to Nonie Darwish, all agree that Allahu Akbar is not merely God is great (as reported by the mainstream media [MSM]), but rather a declaration of Islamic supremacy: Allah is greater than all other gods.

In the words of the author and scholar of Islam Robert Spencer concerning the false translation by the media of Allahu Akbar:

"'God is great' is a bland statement of piety. 'Allah is greater' is a declaration of supremacism and superiority, and of victory over the infidels."

"The former is just an expression, the latter a declaration of war and of victory in that war."

Robert continues, concerning the reason the MSM get away with mistranslations of the phrase:

"They can count on the ignorance of most of their readers, the tacit approval of Muslim leaders who want the real meaning of the phrase obscured, and the assurance that none of their peers will hold them accountable for this inaccuracy, because the truth would be 'Islamophobic.'"

But this declaration is very dangerous to those of us in the infidel world, as Memri.org clearly explains:

"The term Allahu akbar embodies the fight for the supremacy of Islam, Allah, and the true believers: past, present, and future; actual and symbolic; military, cultural, or by means of forces of nature controlled and directed by Allah. It is the battle cry and the anthem of this fight for supremacy... Today it is a mark of Islamists and jihadis, as well as all others who wish to restore the ancient grandeur of Islamic empires, where 'the crescent must always be on top of the cross,' as described by New York-based Muslim Brotherhood activist Ayat Oraby."

This is not 'new' or 'radical,' but fundamental to Islam by its texts lived out for 1,400 years. Not all Muslims practice it but all Muslims know this.

Until the West grasps this fact, with both hands, life may be much more fleeting than we realize. And that will be a result of our very own refusal to face the truth.

Followers of true Islam know this... so we better do some catch-up.

Shalom through strength.