America Has Entered Counter-Revolutionary Times

If Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump tomorrow, it signifies the end of America as we know it. Clinton’s first act will be declare an amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants in America - thereby handing them voting rights. She will also open the door to as many third-world migrants as possible - including Muslims - and hand them voting rights as well.

Hillary doesn’t want Euro-ethnic Australian engineers migrating to America. They would probably vote Republican, you see. What she wants is welfare dependent non-whites, to be used as political pawns in her attempt to ensure the Republican Party can never win an election again. Clinton has no interest in the good of the nation, she cares only about destroying the democratic process in order to keep Republicans out of power forever. The fact that America will be destroyed racially, culturally, democratically and economically is not an issue to her in the slightest.

Many people, myself included, think a Clinton win can only be made possible via vote-rigging and poll-rigging, coupled with a massive campaign of lies and disinformation from her leftist allies within the corrupt media class. This will make Trump supporters very angry, and Trump supporters have guns - loads and loads of guns.

I’m not suggesting they will take to the streets later this week in the event of a Clinton win, but I am suggesting the seeds of violent counter-revolution will be firmly planted within the patriotic breasts of millions of American men and women with the right to bear arms.

As the months and years roll by and President Hillary Clinton imports and amnesties her way to a Republican lock-out in terms of a functioning democracy, American patriots will become further angered. When the penny finally drops that America is being destroyed, that democracy is being destroyed, that their very race and culture is being destroyed, the patriots will rise up. And who can blame them? Taking away their democratic right to stop the destruction of their country will leave them no option but to physically revolt. The clueless Left, for all their witless lefty rhetoric, will have ironically succeeded in fomenting genuine revolutionary consciousness in the minds of the Right.

My prediction is armed rebellion within the next 5-10 years. The Left will have no one to blame but themselves for this. They started their revolutionary culture wars some sixty year-ago and they have won every one-sided skirmish and battle to date. But a war is won by winning a decisive, final battle only. Millions on the Republican Right have now been pushed into a corner where they are staring into a racial, cultural and totalitarian abyss. But there are millions of them and they have astonishing fire-power.

In Europe, counter-revolution is just around the corner in Germany, Holland, France and the Netherlands. In America, it starts on Wednesday, 9th November 2016. As I write this on Tuesday the 8th the only unknown is whether the counter-revolution will be peaceful or violent. But whoever wins this most important of elections, there is one glaring certainty: counter-revolution is coming to America. The peaceful American counter-revolution could start now assuming Trump wins. The violent American counter-revolution become inevitable if he does not. And however this pans out, the Left will be destroyed totally before 2025. Thank God.


Paul Weston is Chairman of Liberty GB.