Britain First's Paul Golding Jailed for Christmas

British patriot Paul Golding has been jailed for eight weeks for confronting a Cardiff hate preacher who said it's okay for Muslims to keep sex slaves.

Officially, the former Britain First leader was sent down for breaching a High Court injunction that banned him from entering mosques or Islamic centres. Unofficially, he was made an example of by an establishment fearful of violent Muslim reaction to any criticism of their barbaric belief system.

So the hate preacher goes unpunished while the patriot is thrown in jail. How desperately, desperately low our country has sunk!

Shariah compliant Judge Moloney, who handed down the sentence, claimed that Golding's actions were a threat to social cohesion and "an affront to the Muslim community". Such fragile snowflakes, these vitriol-spewing fanatics, ready to take offence even as they spread the hateful creed!

I believe Paul Golding's imprisonment marks the first phase of a crackdown on patriotic opposition groups in Britain, a crackdown that will become ever harsher as the Muslim population - and with it the latent threat of religious violence - burgeons and spreads through our public/ political institutions, abetted by left-liberal quislings who despise their own people.

Recently, Labour MP Louise Haigh called for Britain First - a legally constituted political party - to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation and banned from participating in elections. We can expect more of this type of thing in future.

Whatever you may think of Britain First and its methods (which are open to question), Paul Golding and co-leader Jayda Fransen deserve praise for confronting the Islamic menace at ground level, exposing themselves to physical danger, loss of livelihood and media vilification, whilst most counter-jihadists operate anonymously (and largely ineffectually) in digital space.

This country faces its greatest threat since the Second World War - a resurgent Islam whose twisted moral code impels it to subjugate and terrorise - and those willing to stand up to the menace are few. But organisations like Britain First are in the vanguard of a movement that will only grow, strengthen and become better organised in response to the desert creed that threatens our civilisation.

Paul, Jayda and others like them are an obvious target for a Traitor Class that fears Muslims more than it fears patriots. But it will not always be so - and when the traitors start to fear us more than them, that will presage a new era of hope and justice and counter-revolution.

Meanwhile, we must stand with Paul and Jayda and all those who strive to defend our country, our values, our future. So pray for him, or send a Christmas card (we'll put the address shortly on our Facebook page), or visit the Britain First website to donate to Paul's ongoing legal costs.

Remember, we did not ask for conflict with Islam. Rather, Islam and its enablers brought conflict to us. If there were no Islam in Britain, there would be no Islamic threat. But there is, and we must confront it... or else submit.