The British Government Has Knowingly Put Its Own People in Danger

To: Conor Burns, Conservative MP for Bournemouth West,

Subject: Illegal immigration


Dear Mr Burns

I am horrified to learn that, according to secret Home Office figures, "Up to 250,000 people drop off the radar and end up as illegal immigrants in Britain every year... " (Telegraph, 16 June 2017).

These are in addition to the half million and more (largely unwanted) immigrants who enter the country legally each year.

The Conservative government pledged to secure Britain's borders and reduce immigration to the "tens of thousands". Yet now, more than seven years after your party came to power, border controls seem more lax and chaotic than they have been in living memory.

• Would you agree that the 1-2 million (or more) people presently residing in Britain illegally are common criminals, and should be treated accordingly?

• Would you agree also that negligent immigration policy (or its implementation), exposing the British people to real, physical danger (as well as intense competition for resources), constitutes a dereliction of the government's first duty of national security?

• By your estimate, what proportion of those entering Britain illegally are (i) terrorists? (ii) murderers? (iii) rapists? (iv) other classes of serious criminal?

• What would you say are the employment and housing implications for British citizens of vast numbers of illegal immigrants working the black economy and/ or occupying scarce housing?

• What strategy and plans does the government have in place for identifying illegal immigrants, locating them and expelling them from Britain? What manpower and other resources will be needed for this? What will be the long- and short-term costs of such a law-enforcement exercise? And when will your government begin implementing it?

• Would you agree that without proper enforcement of immigration law, Brexit could lead to a fresh surge of illegal immigrants?

• What strategy and plans does your government have in place to secure the national border, not only at the main points of entry, but also along the eastern seaboard, where many have entered by boat?

• Would you consider the flooding of Britain with immigrants - in so far as it has been deliberate and inimical to the interests of the native British, exposing us and our children to mortal danger and economic hardship - an act of treason? And would you favour restoration of the death penalty for such treasonous acts?

I would charge that current and previous administrations, through reckless disregard of immigration control, have created an environment friendly to terrorists and others who wish us harm, and consequently this government shares responsibility for the cold-blooded murders and maimings of British citizens in terrorist attacks and other racially/ religiously motivated crimes of violence perpetrated by immigrants and their offspring.

Additionally, this government shares responsibility for transforming large areas of Britain into alien places where native British people no longer feel at home, or even safe.

Due to official policy (or absence of policy, or failure of implementation), our descendants face the prospect of demographic eclipse, of living as an ethnic minority in a nation controlled by forces more or less hostile to the white British. We have seen the results of such a power shift elsewhere in the world, notably South Africa, now experiencing horrifying levels of anti-white murder and violence.

Is this the fate that awaits our grandchildren, decades hence?

Patriotic Britons will, I'm sure, hold present rulers accountable for any such outcome.

Yours sincerely

Dr George Whale
West Bournemouth