British Patriots Need a 'Day of Rage'

Before the recent opening of Parliament, Marxist and immigrant agitators organised a 'Day of Rage', ostensibly to protest about Grenfell, but really to vent frustration over Jeremy Corbyn's electoral failure.

We British patriots are long overdue our own day of rage.

A day of rage against third-world beasts who rape, bomb and stab British people with growing regularity.

A day of rage against professional liars who tell us that mass immigration enriches Britain and that Islam is a religion of peace.

A day of rage against traitor politicians who would knowingly expose us and our children and their children to perpetual Islamic terrorism.


After the Manchester Islamic bomb attack, well-meaning people lit candles, placed flowers and teddy bears and wrote messages saying, "They will not divide us".

After the Westminster Islamic attack, people lit candles, placed flowers and teddy bears and wrote messages saying, "They will not divide us".

After the London Bridge Islamic stabbing attack, people lit candles, placed flowers and teddy bears and put up post-it notes saying, "They will not divide us".

It should be clear by now that candlelit vigils don't work, that even armies of teddy bears won't stop terrorists, that Britain is already bitterly divided, and that the only post-it notes worth posting are the ones that say, "Halt immigration!" and "Traitors out!"


Today, the single most important question facing us is: How do we stop Muslim fanatics killing any more British children, of this generation or future generations?

If it comes to a choice between keeping Islam in Britain and protecting our children from slaughter by terrorists radicalised within, nurtured by and emerging from Islamic communities... then Islam will have to go.

If the militant Islamic beast can't be house-trained, reined in or caged, then it will have to be removed from Britain.

The time for kid gloves is over. It's time to show radical Islam an iron fist and say, "Your actions will have consequences."


Over 200 years ago the great city of Birmingham was famous for building steam engines to power the industrial revolution. Fifty years ago, the city was famous for motor manufacture, exporting cars and trucks around the world.

Today, Birmingham echoes not to the sound of heavy machinery, but to the Islamic call to prayer, and the city's most famous export is jihadis. The Sparkbrook area alone has produced one in ten of all Britain's convicted Islamic terrorists.

It's not just Birmingham. The security services say there are 23,000 jihadi suspects on the loose in Britain - those are the ones they know about.

23,000 potential terrorists roaming free. That's a town the size of Droitwich or Daventry. 23,000 potential killers, a constant threat to us and our children.

Why are these bastards still on the streets? Why aren't they in internment camps? Why aren't they being rounded up and deported?


There's a reason why not, and that reason is fear.

The ruling class fear Islam, they fear the blood-spattering violence that sporadically erupts from Islamic communities, they fear the threat of such violence... and so they do nothing, leaving future generations to deal with the toxic mess they've created.

As long as our rulers fear Islam more than they fear the will of the British people, nothing is going to change. We must - by all legal means - put the fear of God into the traitor class to force them to act in our defence!


Politics-as-usual has failed Britain.

Politics-as-usual has given us jihadis on the streets, machine gun police in every town. It is Northern Ireland repeated, but on a vaster scale. Remember that even at the height of 'The Troubles', the IRA had no more than a few hundred potential terrorists embedded in mainland Britain, not the tens of thousands we have now.

Politics-as-usual has overseen levels of immigration that could soon reduce us to a minority in our own country. Many leftist politicians are thrilled by this prospect. They see the English especially as 'problematic', and mass immigration as the Final Solution to the 'English problem'.

We, the native British, are being forced into a dangerous new era of tribal competition, and if we don't fight our corner the traitor class will strip everything from us: our territory, our power, our control over our own destiny. Evidence for this is in the ongoing shift of power and resources away from the native British to ethnic and religious minorities.

We know what happens to peoples that lose control of their territories: the Australian Aborigines, the Native Americans exist now as mere cyphers, humiliated, emasculated, lacking confidence or dignity, their once living cultures reduced to dusty museum exhibits.

This cannot and will not be our destiny.

And what of Parliament? Parliament is dead to us, a bloated, putrefying corpse of a once-great institution.


To save our country, we need a new type of politics that is revolutionary in character, combining ideological/ political activity with street protest, agitation and community activism.

Only by mobilising the great mass of British people can we hope to replace traitors by patriots and begin restoring Britain to her former greatness.

All our actions should be guided by one simple principle, namely: What is best for the British?

Not what is best for politicans; not what is best for bankers or multinational corporations, not what is best for Africans or Syrians, but what is best for us, the British people.


We need to make it crystal clear to the politicians that Britain doesn't belong to them to give away piecemeal in bribes and protection money to every Tom, Dick and Mustapha who washes up on our shores.

Britain doesn't belong to the academics and media pundits who, from the safety of their million pound houses in the whitest parts of town, command us to celebrate their shitty diversity.

Britain doesn't belong to the businessmen with an insatiable greed for cheap foreign labour.

Britain doesn't belong to the Churches, who are not just turning the other cheek, but are down on their knees servicing Islam. (At the very moment when Britain needs a muscular, crusading Christianity with strong leadership, the Churches give us cucks and eunuchs.)

And Britain doesn't belong to the newcomers who think they can tell us - whose families have lived here for hundreds or thousands of years - how things should be in our country!

Our ancestors built this country by the sweat of their brows, by their inventive genius. They didn't build it in order that it could be given away to the sons of goatherds and camel drivers.

Britain belongs to us!