Busting the Scaremongering Lies of Pro-EU Alarmists

As the campaigning for the EU referendum to be held in Britain on June 23rd intensifies, politicians and globalists who want Britain to remain in the European Union have launched three major attacks on their opponents. Each attack warns of dire consequences should Britain vote to leave the EU with the desperate scaremongering plumbing new depths. However, each attack is rooted in an outright lie as you shall now discover.

The fear-mongering began with a quite preposterous claim from the current British Prime Minister David Cameron. He warned that if Britain votes to leave the European Union, Europe could descend into war. The implication here is that the European Union has prevented the nations of Europe from going to war with each other as they had done over the centuries.

Not so. In fact, the European Union - then the European Community - was directly responsible for the worst war to have occurred in Europe since the Second World War: The Civil War following the breakdown of the federal state of Yugoslavia. Since the late 1960s, Germany, the strongest nation in Europe, had been secretly encouraging nationalist movements in Croatia to secede from Yugoslavia. When Croatia illegally seceded from Yugoslavia on 25th June 1991, Germany warned the government of Yugoslavia not to use its military to enforce the borders.

Instead of insisting on a peaceful, negotiated secession, Germany encouraged Croatia to secede despite being warned by the United States that recognizing Croatia's illegal secession would lead to war in the Balkans. Initially, the European Community opposed Croatia's declaration of independence. Unfortunately, Germany pressed for the EC to accept it and following an about turn by the United States, Croatia was recognized as an independent country. It set off a catastrophic chain reaction and led to a brutal civil war and the consequences continue to unfold to this very day. Not just in the Balkans but in Western Europe too as I explain in an article I wrote following the Islamic jihad attack in Brussels and the unjust conviction of Bosnian Serb leader Radavan Karadzic.

Others claimed that peace in Europe had been secured not by the European Union but by the presence of NATO. This is also not true. During the civil war in the Balkans, NATO, a force that was supposed to broker peace between the warring factions, chose to side against the Serbs. Instead of remaining a neutral non-combatant, NATO forces aided the Croats to ethnically cleanse 220,000 Serbs from Croat-controlled Krajina and bombed Serb positions at Knin.

Furthermore, during the conflict that erupted between Serbs and Muslims in the Serbian sacred ground of Kosovo, NATO forces again intervened and became the air force for the Islamic terrorist organization the Kosovo Liberation Army. On 24th March 1999, NATO began bombing Serbia. Operation Horseshoe would last for 78 days and included the deliberate terror-bombing of civilian targets in violation of the Geneva convention.

What's important to note is that Serbia had not attacked any member of the European Community or NATO. By choosing to intervene, the EC and NATO sided with Islamic jihad and enabled it to spread in Europe. Madrid, London, Paris and Brussels have paid the price.

As Prime Minister Cameron warns of war after Brexit, the European Union is backing violent hardcore Nazis in Ukraine. After the EU had forcibly imposed austerity measures on its people to pay for its economic failure, it, along with the United States, used taxpayers' money to pay for a violent coup d'état to remove a democratically elected government. Such support for anti-Russian, anti-Jew Ukrainian Nazis provoked neighbouring Russia because it sought to bring Ukraine into the EU and facilitated NATO expansion.

I could mention other acts of war such as replacing democratically elected governments with globalist bankers as occurred in Greece and Italy and the violent riots which continue to blight Greece. Indeed, another riot occurred just before David Cameron's cooing about the force for peace that is the EU.

The assertion that Europe will descend into war after Brexit is an insult to all European people. He's accusing them of wanting war so it takes unelected, undemocratic politicians to stop them. What nonsense!

The next attack from the pro-EU Project Fear alarmists came from the Bank of England. It warned that the British economy faced severe risks after Brexit. As if there was no risk to the British economy if Britain chooses to remain!

These are the same people who issued similar warnings to justify Britain's disastrous entry into the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. It seems they've all forgotten about 16th September 1992 when the British government had to withdraw the pound from the ERM because it fell below its determined lower limit. On that day, known as 'Black Wednesday' the irresponsible decision to shackle the pound to the ERM cost the British economy a staggering £3.3 BILLION.

You'd think that having freed the pound from the ERM whilst continuing to remain in the European Community it would surely mean the economy would be thriving. Think again. While these fear-mongering charlatans warn of doom and gloom hitting the British economy following Brexit, the British national debt stands at an astonishing £1.6 TRILLION and growing at £5,000 a second. You can see the rapid rate of growing debt for yourself here.

Then there's the economic meltdowns of 2008 and 2011 which have all but crippled Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. No risk to the British economy if we stay in the European Union? Ask the unemployed mass ranks of young people in EU countries for their opinion. They're the ones who are paying the price for the foolish decision to manacle together the disparate economies of Northern European nations with Southern European nations. A recipe for economic chaos if ever there is, yet the arrogant EU elites are refusing to acknowledge it and continue with their undemocratic federal super-state project regardless of the damage it does to the peoples of Europe.

Unsurprisingly, Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund backed up the Bank of England's gloomy forecast. She issued dire warnings of turbulence for the British economy including the possibility of London losing its position as the centre of world finance. This is the same IMF that completely failed to anticipate the credit crunch crisis of 2008, a crisis that caused a worldwide recession. The same IMF that's struggling to sort out the mess it and the EU is wholly responsible for creating in Greece. Even worse, the IMF is demanding that the Greek government impose even more austerity on its people to make them pay for the catastrophic failures of the IMF and the EU.

The final attack of the week came from the former British Conservative Prime Minister John Major. You remember him don't you? He was the Prime Minister at the time of Black Wednesday. Ensconcing himself firmly in the gutter, Major accused Brexit leaders of morphing into UKIP because they're fuelling prejudice on immigration.

Uncontrolled immigration and open borders is one of the most serious issues in the remain-out debate. Yet here we have a former Prime Minister trying to stifle debate by trying to insinuate that objection to uncontrolled immigration is racism.

But of course globalist, corporatist lackeys like Major, a man who signed the Maastricht Treaty without consulting the British people and a man who cost the UK economy £3.3 billion, doesn't suffer the effects of uncontrolled immigration. Unlike the victims of Paris, Brussels, Cologne or working people who have to compete for jobs at the lowest level. Or truckers, drivers and the people of Calais who face the harsh reality mass immigration brings.

Instead of continually resorting to hysterical fear-mongering to intimidate and bully the British people into voting to remain in an outdated, failed, anti-democratic federal European super-state, let's see the remain side do something they seem unable or unwilling to do: offer clear evidence of how membership of the European Union has been beneficial for Britain and how it will continue to be beneficial. Without browbeating the electorate with threats and warnings of doom and gloom and resorting to the gutter to smear British people who refuse to deny reality and who sincerely believe Britain will be a better, safer, wealthier, democratic nation once freed from the clutches of Brussels.


Christopher J. Green is the author of the controversial book: Liberty Violated - The Secret Agenda of Multiculturalism and the Deliberate Destruction of Western Civilization. Chapter one exposes the deception of multiculturalism and is free, click here now to read it >>