The Closure of Liberty GB

As Chairman Paul Weston announced in his video published earlier today, he and the Executive Council of Liberty GB have made the difficult decision to close down the party.

We will be asking the Electoral Commission to officially deregister Liberty GB at the end of December 2017.

The reasons for the decision are threefold:

i. Liberty GB has not grown as we hoped and expected it would.

ii. The patriotic anti-Islamisation movement in Britain is grotesquely fragmented, with new organisations springing up all the time. This is doubtless part of the reason our movement has been ineffectual compared with similar movements in Europe. It is critical at this stage to create a clear focal point for the political struggle.

iii. We believe Anne Marie Waters' recently launched party, For Britain, can best provide that focal point. For Britain occupies much the same political ground as Liberty GB and presently has the momentum, following Anne Marie's recent UKIP leadership bid. Certainly, it makes little sense to have two similar parties competing.

We realise that many of our members will be disappointed, but we see this as a positive move to help consolidate the anti-Islamisation movement in Britain.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Liberty GB over the past five years, enabling us to communicate our message to huge numbers of people. Though we don't have elected officials, our online presence via the website, Facebook page and YouTube channel has informed and influenced many, and a proportion of them will doubtless continue the fight through other organisations.

Any funds remaining in the party account after paying remaining bills will be donated to For Britain.

The Liberty GB website will remain online for at least a year, providing an archive of the hundreds of excellent articles submitted by our writers (to access / search them, go to News->Search Articles). This will allow time for readers to back up favourite articles, and for writers to post them elsewhere, if they so wish. Note that the website and Facebook page have been included in the UK Web Archive at

Also, the YouTube channel will be maintained indefinitely, being the most comprehensive archive of Paul Weston's speeches and interviews. He hasn't yet decided whether he'll continue posting videos there, so the best bet for now is to follow him on Twitter @paulwestonlibgb.

Paul Weston will be joining Anne Marie Waters' party​, For Britain, so you haven't heard the last of him! He recommends Liberty GB members and supporters to do likewise, so we can begin building a movement with the necessary critical mass to change Britain's disastrous present course, and to avert demographic replacement and Islamisation.

Again, thank you all for your tremendous support, patriotism and friendship over the past five years.


Paul Weston and the Executive Council of Liberty GB


To join For Britain, click this link: