Communist UAF Orders BBC to Curb Free Speech

In an incredible screech of hypocrisy, and with a distinct lack of irony, the SWP-UAF (Socialist Workers' Party/ 'Unite Against Fascism', an alliance of communist front organisations), in a letter to the BBC, has yet again demanded the implementation of its Lesser Gulag Policy; or, as they put it, its 'No Platform Policy'. (If the SWP-UAF had centralised state power, that's when it would be the Gulag proper.)

Their most recent excuse for more yet more red-fascist suppression of free speech is in response to the BBC's interview with English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson (pictured above), on Radio 4's Today programme on Tuesday 11th June.

The SWP-UAF's begging letter to the BBC is entitled: "Defend no platform – complain to BBC". They will no doubt get a good hearing from the BBC. In fact a few apologies have already been made about the said interview with Mr Robinson.

This is strange. In the last few weeks I have heard BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show alone give a voice to John Rees, Judith Orr and Neil Faulkner – all SWP or ex-SWP (John Rees and Faulkner are now with Counterfire – the rest home for ex-SWP members). In the last year or so, I have heard the BBC interview Martin Smith, Weyman Bennett and many other members of the SWP-UAF, as well as spokesmen for the far-left 'Hope Not Hate' organisation. Of course, the BBC rarely says that these people are SWP (exceptionally, Judith Orr was introduced as a "leading member of the SWP".)

Firstly the SWP-UAF tell us that "fascists when they gain power, remove freedom of speech", and then immediately talk about denying the right of free speech for the EDL. You can see that irony is not their strong point. Trotskyists are almost always humourless automatons (the political equivalents of religious zealots). Of course they will say that they will take away free speech because that's what the 'fascists' will do. But the very same argument could be applied in reverse – that we should be allowed to take away their right of free speech because revolutionary Marxists would most certainly "remove freedom of speech" if they gained power. How do I know that? I know that because they have done so in Russia, from 1917 onwards, in China from 1949 onwards, in Cambodia in 1976, in various nasty little Marxist regimes in Africa in the 1960s, '70s and '80s, in Cuba and in many East European countries. Predictably Trotskyists distance themselves from all these regimes – or most of them. They say they are "deformed workers' states" which had a "cult of the leader" or whatnot. Nonetheless, if the SWP-UAF are calling for totalitarian measures now, when they haven't even got direct centralised state power, then what the hell would they be like, and what would they do, if they had centralised state power? The mind boggles!

In any case, how can the EDL remove the right of free speech? The EDL isn't a political party. It's a single issue pressure group. The EDL can never gain power to deny free speech. So what are the far-Leftists talking about exactly? If what they say means anything, it may mean that other parties will work as proxies for the EDL instead. Which other parties? Not the BNP because there is bad feeling between the EDL and the BNP. In any case, what it shows us is that there's far more than the EDL included in the SWP-UAF's Lesser Gulag or No Platform Policy. Let's face facts, if these red fascists ever had state power, the Gulag would be full of millions of patriots and people of the Right.

Azad Ali

Communist and Islamic fundamentalist Azad Ali is Vice Chair of UAF

SWP-UAF also talks about "mass murder" while forgetting up to a hundred million killed by Communist, Trotskyist and Maoist regimes in the 20th century. Again though, just like Islamists, it's always the next Marxist/ Islamist revolution and state which will deliver Utopia. Despite that, and although Utopia is promised, it's never actually spoken of by Marxists because Marx warned his followers against "Utopian socialists" and, apparently, he didn't offer any "recipes for the cook-shops of the future". Nonetheless, without the hint at Utopia, how could anyone rationalise a complete violent revolution and all that would entail? How could the SWP's absolute and total hatred of everything capitalistic and democratic as much as make sense without the unspoken promise of Utopia?

Basically, SWP-UAF are the mirror image of the 'fascists' or 'Nazis' they claim to be fighting against. Their fascism is displayed in their desire to suppress freedom of speech; their use of violence; their totalitarianism and even racism (e.g., Leftist racism against Jews – a tradition which predates the creation of Israel by around 100 years – and against the white working class; as well as the disgusting and condescending 'positive' or 'inverted' racism towards Muslims).

That's why the members of the SWP-UAF are obsessed by Nazis/ fascists – because they don't like the mirror's reflection of their own Nazism/ fascism. Their seeing fascism everywhere is a psychological projection of their own tendencies onto others. Just as the Puritans saw sex everywhere because they were sex-obsessed, so the SWP-UAF sees racism and fascism everywhere because they are often racist and always fascist.

Indeed these fascists of the extreme Left are fighting the Nazis or fascists over the same political bones: the promise of zero unemployment, of selfless leaders, of a perfect society, of classlessness or class equality, of the annihilation of the old order (Das System) and of the death and destruction of their numerous enemies.

THE SWP-UAF shows us, in this repressive document, that it is they who are fascists - red fascists!




Defend no platform – complain to BBC

UAF is urging members and supporters to complain to the BBC after Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, was interviewed on Radio 4's flagship Today programme on Tuesday 11 June.

On the programme Robinson admitted that the organisation has "completely questionable" tactics and went on to say "it's not going to end pretty", although none of this was sufficiently challenged.

Time and time again the BBC have given an uncritical platform to fascists on flagship political news programmes.

Freedom of speech does not extend to giving a platform for those that preach hatred. Historically, fascists when they gain power, remove freedom of speech and human rights, and mass murder and annihilate millions of people. That is why we call for no platform for fascism.


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