Cowardice: The Evil of our time

Cowardice is a mind-numbing lack of courage that allows even the most sinister of ideologies to flourish with impunity. In short: cowardice is the evil of our time.

Islam, for example, has flourished under the glaring cowardice of Western leaders that rather sacrifice their women and children on the altar of Muslim rape gangs then be labeled 'racists' or 'Islamophobes.'

Angela Merkel (along with her compliant political lapdogs) has thrown her fellow citizens to the dogs in order to appease the gods of political correctness who decree that any opposition to Islam is both 'hateful' and 'bigoted.' And by doing so she has placed German women in the very crosshairs of Muslim refugees who believe it's their duty and obligation to rape blonde infidel women.

Officials in Rotherham, England turned a blind eye for nearly twenty years as Muslim men raped and tortured over 1,400 young British girls. Some of the victims were doused with gasoline and threatened with incineration unless they submitted to the sexual demands of their abusers.

Reports filed by investigators established that these barbaric crimes went unreported by authorities out of fear of being called racists. This act of cowardice by public officials has most certainly destroyed the lives of the very victims they swore to protect.

Shortly after the horrific attacks of 9/11, then President George W. Bush pushed the spurious and highly dangerous narrative that Islam was a "religion of peace." This narrative (born out of a cowardice to tell the truth) continues today to be the single most lethal lie ever perpetrated on Western civilization.

Why? Because it gave Islam a seat at the table in all of our most vital institutions. From Congress to the Pentagon to law enforcement to education and beyond, Islam's truculent tentacles are now far-reaching and profound.

In the final analysis: cowardice is the fuel that feeds Islam.

And that's why it's the evil of our time.