Culturist Fact: Birmingham is not British

People ask, "John, isn't culturism just another vague 'ism'?" No. Culturism is not metaphysical. Cultures exist in heads and on land. This is measurable. That is why it is a culturist fact that much of Birmingham is no longer British.

Do a thought experiment with me: If all of the British people were killed (God forbid) and the land we call Britain were entirely repopulated with Muslims (as in the above video), would British culture still exist? Would it linger in some eternal metaphysical realm? NO! It would be gone.

Cultures live in heads. And, these heads need land upon which to exist. These are real items in real space. When an area is Pakistani, it is no longer 'also British' in some metaphysical way. The area is Pakistani.

As of 2011, 13.48% of Birmingham was Pakistani. At the same time, white folks of British heritage were 53.1% of Birmingham. And, Indians were 6.02%. The Indians may identify with Britain. Hindus have a long history with Britain. But their temples are non-British spaces. Details aside, the fact remains, much of Birmingham no longer primarily identifies with Britain, its history, traditions, songs, etc.

Now multiculturalists will tell you that everything is British: the Muslims marching in the video are just as British as Prince Charles and Monty Python. Shiva is a British God too. Everything is British and nothing is British. As a culturist, I disagree. British culture does exist. Those in the above video are not British.

From a culturist perspective, the video shows large parts of Birmingham are no longer British, under British control, or a part of the British Isles.


John K. Press, Ph.D., teaches at a university in South Korea. He is the author of the book, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. More information can be found at


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