Denmark: Jihad for Dummies

"There are all kinds of stupid people that annoy me but what annoys me most is a lazy argument." - Christopher Hitchens

Many in the West have awoken out of their sleep since 9-11. And for those who have bothered to educate themselves concerning the Ideology that murdered 3,000 on that infamous day... we have discovered a dark brood of cave-dwellers have brought their 7th-century dung into the 21st.

The twisted Islamic term that has become all too common is: jihad.

Jihad means 'struggle' in Arabic. It means holy war in Islam. Universal Islamic sources (Quran 9:5, 29; 21:107) say that engaging in jihad against people of other faiths (especially "People of the Book" - Jews and Christians) is a way of helping them understand the "mercy and blessing of Islam."

Jihad can reasonably be called submission by the sword - the threat of slavery/ death can be very convincing. Although some may suggest that jihad is an inner struggle, my last piece explains the difference in the Hadith passages.

Since 9-11, there have been almost 32,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks globally. Mohammed's minions have been busy jihadis, and I’m pretty sure that none of these were an inner struggle type of jihad.

Now, this information is readily available today, so it begs the question: Why hasn't Denmark been able to access this knowledge base?

My inquiry is in light of Denmark’s new program nicknamed, "Hugs for Terrorists": lavishing Muslim terrorists with apartments, education, and jobs, in an attempt to nudge them back into western society, a culture that is completely foreign to them.

But hey, why bring truth and reality into this?

The failure of the rest of Europe to coax these Islamic hordes into the West, plying them with subventions and special protected status resulted in: grooming gangs, rape epidemic (Muslim males on non-Muslim women), no-go zones, etc. This would be enough to one of average intelligence to conclude that whatever cave the Quran (the source of jihad) emerged from, it should be shoved back in post-haste.

But apparently the empirical evidence is not enough for the Danes;they’d rather keep losing their freedoms, their heritage - and their lives.

You know, stupid people are not necessarily dangerous by themselves. But, stupid people in positions of authority are extremely dangerous to everything we hold dear in our Judeo-Christian society.

We know this. Now let's teach the craven in Europe before their stupidity bleeds across the Pond.

Shalom through strength.


Audrey Russo is host of REELTalk Radio Show.