The Duping of Cameron

The duping of Cameron, The duping of Clegg, The duping of Brown and Blair, They all trace back In a dead straight track To the duping of Bush by CAIR.

"Islam is peace". We know that because our leaders have told us: Cameron, Brown, Blair, they all said that. And, have you noticed, they all said it in a sort of special hushed reverential tone? What is going on? Why the drop in volume?

The hushed voice trail goes back to George W. Bush, shortly after 9/11. It was he who told us all on television, in a special reverential manner, "Islam is peace". This is where it comes from: it is from here that other world leaders have repeated it, complete with hushed voice, probably without even realising. We all accepted it. Bush was on television, so it must be true, no?

We are accustomed to the format: a presidential or prime ministerial address from the state office. Everyone pay attention: this is our leader talking directly to us. Yet this broadcast was different. Bush was standing, with other people nearby watching him speak, and watching rather closely. Who were they? Where was he? Why were they there?

As it happens, Bush was, most unusually, in a mosque. Now we all know that Bush is not a Muslim. Why was he in a mosque? Apparently the White House (already with Islamic sympathisers in place) had asked for a meeting with the grandly named Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR. Though the self-styled Council promote themselves as a civil rights advocacy group they are a Hamas-linked foreign-funded pressure group for securing Muslim privilege. They make a point of gaining publicity and claiming to speak for America's Muslims. CAIR invited Bush to the mosque in Washington, a crafty and masterly move.

Obediently shoeless, and most inappropriately referring to the CAIR people as "these folks", Bush delivered the "Islam is peace" assurance to the camera. It was not a live broadcast: the footage was recorded. The video can be seen on the internet, and is worth a look. By inference it was the location, a house of worship, that influenced him to adopt the hushed tones. Maybe that had been CAIR's intention all along. The special calm and lowered voice comes across as extra sincere and personal. It is this reverential tone that has been unwittingly duplicated by other world leaders. In delivering his speech Bush stumbles on some of the words, and makes small mistakes. We can wonder whether what we saw was take one, or take three, or whatever. The CAIR people look on critically, as if monitoring his performance.

A particularly curious aspect of the Bush "Islam is peace" broadcast is the way in which the whole world suddenly, within a nanosecond as it were, forgot that Bush is not a source of general knowledge. As if under hypnosis, everyone suspended normal critical faculties and drank in this learned guru of Islam. The reality is quite different: Bush was well known NOT to be a source of knowledge. Collections have been made of his unknowledgeable utterances. Why the sudden public memory loss? Quite probably it is to do with the persuasive manner, the sincere person-to-person assurance, that a lowered voice transmits. It also helps that the message is what people WANT to hear.

At about the date that this meeting was happening police in Switzerland, at the request of the FBI, raided the house of an Arab banker. In it they found, in Arabic, a secret internal explanatory memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood, its "General Strategic Goal". This reveals many things, one being that CAIR is the Muslim Brotherhood's principal front group in the USA. It explains that the aim of what they term their "civilisation Jihad" is "destroying Western civilisation from within". One approved method is "Using deception to mask intended goals". Islam authorises deception of non-Muslims in the cause of Islam: it has an Arabic name, taqiyya. Unknown to Bush (presumably), he was in the wolves' lair, being deceived and exploited as a pawn. All this was unknown to the Western public at the time.

The duping of Bush was followed by the duping of Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg, and most of the English-speaking world, a masterstroke of PR. The guru had spoken. It was a huge success, an altogether amazing phenomenon. All the time it had been a deception.

Anjem Choudary has given the correction: "You can't say that Islam is a religion of peace", he told BBC Newsnight, "because Islam does not mean peace: Islam means submission". But, hey, Anjem Choudary is not a world leader or a Hollywood heart-throb, so he is not taken seriously by the telly-drugged public, even though he IS knowledgeable about Islam.

The extra sincere person-to-person hushed tone of Bush's words distracts us from a detail that can be seen on the footage: he is following a script. Standing in the mosque with his hosts round him he has a lectern in front bearing a paper from which he is reading. Bush refers to having had a meeting with "these folks". Presumably the paper was the result of the meeting, a sort of joint production. Who wrote the script? It is an interesting question that may never be answered. There are clues, though.

A curious feature of the content is expressed when Bush dwells on a possible backlash, and how this must not be allowed to happen: no-one is to single out a Muslim woman just because of wearing a headscarf, and so on. This is odd. Such a caution is completely unwarranted in America, and completely un-Western. A backlash like that is not a feature of the West, nor, indeed, was it after 9/11. It is, though, very much a feature of the Islamic world. Time after time, when there has been some slight against Muslims in the West, like a burnt Koran, this is taken out in Pakistan or Bangladesh, for instance, on the Christian communities. The non-Muslim people are beaten up or even killed, their shops burnt, and houses destroyed. It is a real problem. This suggests that the composer of the text was writing from a Muslim viewpoint, articulating Muslim concerns.

Islam is peace? No. That was a set-up, a lie, a deception, and a phenomenally successful one. Islam is the ideology of ongoing war, "warfare against unbelievers" ... to establish Islam as the only political rule, to Impose Sharia Law on All Mankind - I.S.L.A.M.

We were ALL duped, Mr. Cameron: it was a very successful ploy. Now we have to become unduped. The sooner the better.


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