EU Nation-Breaking

A community in Bavaria, Germany, was surprised recently to find deliveries being made of basic beds to an apartment in a small block: twelve beds, arranged as in dormitories, in a two-bedroomed flat with one lavatory. It was to house twelve African so-called 'asylum-seekers'.

If this had been student accommodation that arrangement would have failed the minimum requirements. No doubt planning regulations in Germany forbid so many inhabitants in one small flat. But all those considerations were apparently swept aside. There had been no previous announcement, no seeking of agreement, no listening to objections, no consultation at all. View the video. See for yourself what those ordinary Bavarians are having inflicted on them. Maybe it will be coming soon to an apartment near you.

This is EU nation-breaking. High-handed, totalitarian, undemocratic, a conspiracy against the local people, it shows, close up and personal, how indigenous communities in EU states are being invaded, and their cultures deliberately exposed to adverse pressures and hostile competition. This insidious policy is not confined to Germany. Scottish and English cities have had their share of 'asylum seekers' planted on them, and are finding out the hard way how problematical it is to have whole communities of greatly differing culture side by side. So too, France, Sweden, Spain and so on. Remember, though, it is kaleidoscopic, vibrant, exciting and diverse – all hideously inappropriate terms compulsorily used to impart a positive spin.

Hear at first hand what the experience is like – Amanda Andrews tells us:

Multicultural and diverse must mean dominated by Muslims. Vibrant just means rubbish, noise, crappy halal takeaways, vandalism and men trying to hit on me and abuse me. Exciting must only mean having fear and a pounding heart when I have to walk around this place.

The twelve fit, strong, young African tribesmen will know no German, but will have predictable interests towards young women. They are Muslims, instructed in their mosques that women who are uncovered are asking to be raped, and that it is a Muslim's right to take them. Perhaps these young men are some of those who entered the EU as invaders, by boat to Lampedusa, or by scaling the fence in Melilla, one of the Spanish territories on the coast of Morocco. If so, they have demonstrated that they are not law-abiding, but are criminal invaders. What will they be doing by day and by night? The community can justifiably have concerns about crimes like rape, assault, robbery, and burglary, and car-burning, as in Berlin and many French cities. 

Here is another example, this one from Sweden:

So the city decided: To hell with the [locals], get them out. We want state money, get lots of refugees in here quickly before the locals understand what we are doing.

Those are the words of a local councillor, Annika Lohmarker. See the video. Sweden – the government, that is, not the people – announced an open door to Syrian refugees with all necessities provided, and a quick route to Swedish citizenship. There was no numerical limit to it. The people were not consulted.

Nation-breaking is an unannounced EU policy. It is not about asylum: it promotes colonising. Here and there appear little insights into what has been decided behind closed doors. Peter Sutherland, a UN immigration/ migration official, has said that in order for the European Union to actually achieve what it wants to do – which is political union of the entire continent of Europe – they have to "de-homogenise" the nation states.

Hear leading left-wing politician, Sixties anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit:

We ... must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.

Almost word for word that could have been spoken by Blair or Brown with regard to Britain, and maybe it was when they decided to "rub the Right's nose in diversity". The Brussels monster, as Dutch Freedom Party politician Geert Wilders describes it, is a menacing danger. "De-homogenising" is destruction of our indigenous culture. There is trouble ahead.


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