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Slide #01 - Liberty GB - Five Minutes to Midnight - Part One

Welcome to Five Minutes to Midnight from Liberty GB. My name is Tim Burton, and I am here today to present the first in a series of videos highlighting the problems that we in the UK are experiencing with Islam.

The videos are based on the premise that our freedoms, and not only our freedoms, but democracy itself, are under threat from a process of increasing Islamisation in this country. If Islam were, as Muslims often say it is, a religion of peace, then we would have very little to worry about - however, the reality is very different.

Islam is primarily a totalitarian political ideology that seeks to impose itself always and everywhere, either by force and intimidation - which is why we see jihad terror on the streets of our towns and cities - or by stealth and deceit, which is why many if not most Muslims will do and say absolutely anything to prevent non-Muslims from getting a bad impression of Islam.

Slide #02 - Dr Richard Hammond - Muslim population changes (1)

It is obvious that if this situation were allowed to continue, then to put it mildly, it would not be in the best interests of the indigenous population. Several studies have shown that most of the problems that we experience due to Islam are generally in direct proportion to the percentage of the Muslim population. This is true not only in the UK, but also throughout the Western world.

In the first part of Five Minutes to Midnight, we will be examining the political nature of Islam and how the combination of an aggressive totalitarian ideology, widespread political correctness and a craven political elite too afraid to do anything about it have produced a 'perfect storm'.

Slide #03 - Dr Richard Hammond - Muslim population changes (2)

This 'perfect storm' threatens to overthrow our most tolerant, democratic and enlightened Western societies and to impose on them a backward, barbaric, cruel and discriminatory ideology. This is an ideology that was devised in the desert environment of the Middle East in the seventh century and that has remained virtually unchanged over 1,400 years to the present day.

Slide #04 - Dr Richard Hammond - Muslim population changes (3)

The primarily political nature of Islam is demonstrated by the fact that Islam does not follow the Golden Rule, as all other religions must if they are to be characterised as religions rather than political ideologies.

There is also the fact that 51 percent of the Koran is concerned not with leading Muslims on a path towards spirituality, goodness, beauty and truth, but instead concerned with instructing Muslims on how to treat non-Muslims, which is with a certain degree of ruthlessness.

Slide #05 - Bill Warner: 51 per cent of Koran devoted to kafir

If this ideology is allowed to continue to spread in our Western societies in the way it has been allowed to continue over the past three decades, combined with a rapidly increasing Muslim population, then within a short period of time, perhaps as little as twenty or thirty years, it will drive out democracy, destroy our freedoms and set our civilisation back over a thousand years. This is not an exaggeration, as history has shown at many different times, and in many different places.

The ultimate goal of Islam is a universal Caliphate, governed by Shari'a - an all-encompassing system of laws and procedures that most people would consider completely unacceptable in a modern, 21st-century Western democracy.

Slide #06 - Sharia and the European Court of Human Rights

In fact, the European Court of Human Rights found in 2003 that Shari'a was completely incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy.

The imposition of Shari'a in the UK, which is the goal of Islam, would amount to the extinguishing of all the hard-won freedoms that our ancestors and forefathers fought for - rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and equality for all -, regardless of race, creed, colour or gender.

The imposition of Shari'a would also take away the freedom to choose one's own religion or to have no religion at all, and even the right to proclaim one's own sexual preferences without persecution.

Slide #07 - Liberty GB - Five Minutes to Midnight - Part One

Our primary weakness when it comes to dealing with such a subversive political ideology is that many if not most of us have been conditioned by political correctness to think that any and all criticism of Islam must somehow be a Bad Thing, and therefore something that must never be allowed to be freely discussed in public.

Those of us (and not only those of us at Liberty GB) who put forward arguments against allowing Islam to flourish unrestricted, unchecked and unrestrained in a previously free society are roundly condemned as 'bigoted', 'racist', 'Islamophobic' and 'far-right' - even though a reasoned study of our words, employing logic and impartial critical analysis, would reveal that we are none of those things.

In particular, opinions that might have been seen as moderately conservative less than fifty years ago are now maliciously labelled as 'far-right' - purely because those opinions don't fit with the prevailing left-wing narrative.

Slide #08 - Newspaper headline from the Daily Mail on Tim Burton Trial

Strenuous efforts are made to silence our voices and to deny us a platform anywhere in the mainstream media - newspapers, radio and television - and even some of the prominent social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are rapidly developing policies of censorship to suit the agenda of the Left.

In some cases we are even pursued through the courts by a systematically biased criminal justice system, as I can attest to from bitter personal experience.

Those Muslims who wish to advance the cause of Islam, of course, understand this self-inflicted weakness that we have allowed to develop in our tolerant and democratic society - whether through fear, ignorance or just plain greed and self interest by our political elite - and perhaps unsurprisingly, they take unfair advantage of it.

Slide #09 - Liberty GB - Five Minutes to Midnight - Part One

Although they themselves claim to be victims of intolerance, of bigotry, of racism and of so-called Islamophobia at every opportunity, the fact of the matter is that Islam is one of the most intolerant ideologies, if not the most intolerant ideology on the face of the planet, and it is our tolerance, our goodwill, and our benign and easygoing nature as non-Muslims that has allowed Islam to develop and consolidate its position.

Slide #10 - Sheikh Qaradawi on Islam and apostasy

Whenever and wherever Islam has been allowed to take control, it overtly oppresses women and non-Muslims. Moreover, there is no criticism of Islam allowed in such an environment on pain of death. Criticising Islam is considered to be blasphemy and incurs the death penalty, as does the crime of 'apostasy' - abandoning Islam altogether.

Slide #11 - Liberty GB - Five Minutes to Midnight - Part One

The question to be asked is: do we really want to allow such an intolerant, oppressive ideology to replace our freedoms and democracy?

In the second part of Five Minutes to Midnight, we will be discussing specific aspects of Islam which are instrumental in producing the series of increasingly unacceptable behaviours that we currently experience, including indiscriminate jihad terror, the misogynistic oppression of women and child sexual exploitation, and we will be also looking to see what, if anything can be done about it.

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Slide#12 - Liberty GB - Five Minutes to Midnight - Part Two

Welcome back to Five Minutes to Midnight - and in Part Two, we will be talking about discrimination within Islam and how it manifests itself in widespread abuse from far too many people in predominantly Muslim communities towards women and towards non-Muslims.

Discrimination, towards women in particular, is considered to be perfectly acceptable within Islam, and this manifests itself by numerous repellent misogynistic practices towards women, including the phenomenon of honour killings, over 90 percent of which are committed by Muslims worldwide.

There is also the appalling and widespread practice of female genital mutilation, tens of thousands of cases of which have gone mostly unpunished in the UK, and the equally appalling and equally widespread child sexual exploitation by so-called 'Asian grooming gangs' that are in fact made up predominantly of Muslims.

Because of political correctness and because of the authorities not wanting to be seen as 'racist' or 'Islamophobic', the abuse of tens of thousands - if not hundreds of thousands - of vulnerable young children in our society has been swept under the carpet over the past three decades. This has to stop - now.

Although we are now starting to see convictions for abuse of this nature (one of the most recent set of convictions involved a so-called 'Asian grooming gang' in Newcastle, once again made up predominantly of Muslims), the widespread nature of this phenomenon suggests that we have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg.

Slide #13 - Newcastle Grooming Gang convicted in August 2017

Similar gangs have been shown to be operating in Rotherham, Rochdale, Sheffield, Oxford, Telford, Birmingham, and in many other towns and cities in the UK.

Things have reached the point where if one thinks that they haven't got this problem in their town or city, then they are probably not looking hard enough.

The mainstream media has gone out of its way to portray these crimes as having been carried out by 'Asians' but in reality, the perpetrators are mostly Muslim.

This, of course, is a casual act of racism by the mainstream media against Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and every other Asian person who is non-Muslim.

Slide#14 - Liberty GB - Five Minutes to Midnight - Part Two

One of the worst aspects of this appalling practice is that slavery, and particularly sex slavery in the form of child sexual exploitation, is also perfectly acceptable within Islam and has been so for 1,400 years.

One can point to many instances in the Koran (and also in the Hadith and the Sira, which are the other equally important Islamic texts) where the Islamic prophet Muhammad is narrated to have kept slaves, including sex slaves.

Muslims regard Muhammad as the 'Perfect Man' who is an eternal role model for all Muslims and whose behaviour and motives are never to be questioned - which goes a long way to explaining why we have the problems we do. The characteristics of such an eternal role model are likely to be emulated unthinkingly by many if not most Muslims, not least because self-reflection is not encouraged by Islamic teachings.

Slide #15 - Roadside Billboard in Indianapolis

It also goes a long way to explaining why although the mainstream media call this an 'Asian' problem, such systematic abuse in the form of child sexual exploitation is almost never - if ever - seen in Hindu communities, Buddhist communities or Sikh communities. As we have said, the perpetrators are mostly Muslim, and the situation is made worse by the fact that most if not all of the victims are non-Muslim.

The mainstream media also tends to focus on the fact that most if not all of the victims are - coincidentally - white, and there have been strenuous attempts in the media to portray this as a problem of 'racism' rather than to lay the blame where it rightly belongs, which is squarely on the shoulders of the political ideology of Islam.

Slide #16 - Liberty GB - Five Minutes to Midnight - Part Two

We would like to strongly emphasise at this point that at Liberty GB we have no intention of inciting hatred against Muslim communities - or even against individual Muslims - and we absolutely condemn any form of vigilantism, which is counter-productive as it plays straight into the hands of the left-wing narrative.

It would be better by far if the relevant authorities consigned political correctness to the dustbin of history, which would then allow them to take immediate, decisive and effective action concerning the uncontrolled spread of the political ideology of Islam. It would be far better if Muslims confronted head-on the violence and misogyny inherent in the Koran and in the example of Muhammad, the Perfect Man. It would be better still if Muslim communities in the UK were to comprehensively, transparently and unreservedly commit themselves to co-operating with the authorities to uncover the grooming gangs. It would be infinitely better if imams were to comprehensively, transparently and unreservedly teach in every mosque that such behaviour is unacceptable in any civilised society.

But for all this to happen, Muslims must acknowledge that there are larger problems within Islam itself that must be addressed if Muslims and non-Muslims are ever to coexist in peace and harmony, and to coexist as equals in perpetuity.

No community will tolerate for long the sustained and systematic abuse of their children by those to whom they have extended their hospitality. To continually assert that there are no problems within Islam and that everything is just fine and hunky-dory will be catastrophic for us all in the long term.

As history has shown us many times in many different places, if the numerous problems within Islam remain unaddressed, then rapidly increasing Muslim demographics will undoubtedly lead to more strife, more inter-community tensions and ultimately civil war on our streets. It is - literally - five minutes to midnight.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. We at Liberty GB are committed to making every non-Muslim in the UK aware of the reality of the current situation, rather than perpetuating the politically correct fantasy that the authorities would like us to continue to believe.

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Please join us and help us to stop the Islamisation of the UK. Your support can make an enormous and positive difference to the future of this country, to the future of our children and grandchildren, and to generations of children yet unborn. Sign up to Liberty GB today, or make a contribution to our cause via the Big Red Button on our website. You can find us at

This has been Tim Burton on behalf of Liberty GB, and I would like to thank you for watching this presentation.