Is France and Germany's Surrender to Islam Subconscious Atonement for WWII?

With the recent, almost weekly Islamic terror attacks in France and Germany, and the total support/ protection of Islam, anyone with a cursory knowledge of the history of World War II might wonder: Is this a collective expiation for what their ancestors committed?

Islam, from its inception, is a hateful destructive ideology that seeks to conquer. It prefers to do so through invasion, submission (which defines Islam), enslavement or death. Its founder was a bloody warmonger and thief who had no tolerance for any dissent - and his record bears that out.

Though most Muslims do not have a thirst for infidel blood (predominantly due to illiteracy or never having read the Quran and Hadiths), it's impossible to determine when a follower of Islam will become devout (aka radical - going to the root or origin of; fundamental). That impossibility makes it dangerous for any western government to put their citizens in peril by appeasing such a creed.

Since January of this year, there have been:

• A total of 89 deaths and 244 injured in jihad attacks in France and Germany.

• There have also been 1,200 rapes and sexual attacks by 2,000 Muslim migrants in Cologne and other German cities on New Year's Eve (the number of rapes and perps was intentionally under-reported by the government and media).

The response of French and German officials following the most recent Muslim jihad attacks is puzzling, considering their first concern should be national security:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel asserted that those fleeing persecution and war had a right to be protected, and that Germany would "stick to our principles” in providing shelter to the worthy.

French PM Manuel Valls stated, "Times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism, and we must face this together and show our collective sangfroid." (Spoken like a true insensitive coward.)

So, here's the question: Why are the governments of France and Germany opening wide their arms to embrace these savages who refuse to respect their host countries or the lives of innocents?

Is it possible the inherited guilt for their Vichy and Nazi ancestors has come to full boil and they have decided the only way to vindicate their false guilt is to destroy their people and Western civilization?

One thing is for sure: as these leaders betray the people they serve by feeding them to the Islamic crocodile... they are simultaneously kicking the chair out from under their noosed necks.

Shalom through strength.