Free Speech vs Islam

"In a free state every man should think what he likes and say what he thinks." - Spinoza

On Friday, Liberty GB received the shocking news that a former member of our Executive Council, Tim Burton, has been sentenced to at least six weeks in jail for mocking and insulting an Islamic organisation called Tell Mama.

Now for various reasons I don't want to elaborate on Tim's case, though I'm sure that you, like me, are perplexed by a system that pursues decent patriots like Tim whilst allowing former ISIS fighters to roam free in the country.

The fact is that in these politically correct times, we criticise Islamic organisations at our peril, and even upstanding citizens can expect a tap on the shoulder and a possible jail sentence for doing so.

The presence of Islam in Britain is having a chilling effect on free speech.

In the last few years a number of British citizens have been arrested for making "offensive" comments about Islam or Muslims. Back in 2014, our own party leader Paul Weston was arrested on the steps of Winchester Guildhall (top picture) for quoting Winston Churchill's words on Islam.

I believe the purpose of these arrests and of Tim Burton's imprisonment is to intimidate the wider population, to deter them from criticising Islam or Muslims - a group that the government fears more than any other, because of a history of random, bloody violence.

And the terrible irony is that we never wanted Islam here in the first place!


A vast population of Muslims has been imported into Britain, not by popular demand but by corrupt politicians for corrupt reasons of their own - the same politicians who tell us that mass third-world immigration is for our own good, that "diversity is our strength" and that Islam is a "religion of peace".

The result has been domestic terrorism on an unprecedented scale, extremist preaching in mosques and schools across the country, an epidemic of Muslim gang-rapes, honour killings, beheadings, and all the rest of the mediaeval crap that regularly pollutes the headlines.

Even in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks and terror plots, Western governments continue importing Muslims as if they were a priceless commodity in a time of shortage.

It is insane, completely insane!

In their promotion of indiscriminate immigration, our politicians are like mad scientists throwing random ingredients into a test tube. They point gleefully to the smoking, fizzing, overheating mess and proclaim it a successful experiment - whilst we brace ourselves for the inevitable explosion!


Muslims, if I may address you collectively - and I know that see yourselves as a collective, as a single body, the Ummah - if I may address you collectively, there are four conditions that we, the British, lay down for your being allowed to stay in our country.

Our country.

Number one: Don't kill us, or plot to kill us.

Number two: Don't gang-rape British girls.

Number three: Stop trying to impose your religion and religious laws, because ours is a Christian country.

Number four: End your assaults on free speech, which is the foundation stone of Western freedom. (If you don't understand the concept of free speech, ask, and we'll explain.)


Now, if there are any liberals or leftists reading this, I know exactly what you're saying to yourself right now:

"Don't tar all Muslims with the same brush you fascist bigot, because most Muslims are hard-working, moderate, law-abiding, blah, blah, blah... ."

Well, that may be true - not the hard-working bit obviously, since a large proportion of Muslims are unemployed - but the moderacy bit. Most Muslims don't bomb or gang-rape.

The problem though, is that wherever the moderates go in numbers, the bombers and rapists tag along. There's barely a large Muslim community in the world that doesn't have a terrorism problem. That's the reality of modern Islam. Actually, it's been the reality of Islam since its foundation in the 7th century by the bloodthirsty warlord (or should I say, prophetic visionary, your honour) Mohammed.

So the question then is: How do we separate the terrorists from the moderates?

And the answer is: Nobody knows. Nobody has a clue how to do that. The moderates and the extremists seem inseparable.

And we have the additional problem that perceived moderates can flip overnight into extremists: yesterday a scientist or teacher, today a bomber or truck killer.

Flip, flop, flip, flop - moderate, extremist, moderate, extremist.


Fellow Britons, we are in a fight for the survival of our free and open society.

To be denied freedom of speech, to live with the constant threat of murder, to live under 24-hour reconnaissance by balaclavad police carrying machine guns - that is too high a price to pay for accommodating Islam into British society.

If the choice is between Islam and our children's safety, Islam must be gone from here.

If the choice is between Islam and British values and traditions, Islam must be gone from here.

If the choice is between Islam and freedom, Islam must be gone from here.

If push comes to shove, we may have no choice but to drive Islam back to the deserts of the Middle East, and when that happens Muslims will no longer have access to all that the West can offer. Instead, they will live again under Arab despotism, earning a living as date-pickers and camel drivers.


Free speech is our ancestors' greatest legacy. It was won at incalculable cost, and we shall not relinquish it just to protect the feelings of unappreciative minorities.

The Islamic creed shall enjoy no special immunity in Britain, no protected status, and shall be exposed to critique, insult and ridicule, just like any other belief system.

This is our country, and we make the rules.

If you don't like them, leave.