Freedom and the West

I love freedom. There are a real lot of problems in the West right now. Despite that we still have the best culture in the world, one based on freedom, one worth defending.

Our history comes from many individuals who valued freedom and freedom of speech and the rights of the individual. From Socrates, to Jesus, to Martin Luther, to Winston Churchill and a great many others, our heritage is made up of people who stood and were counted. We're also a people steeped in Judeo-Christian beliefs. Yet this wonderful culture is a fragile thing and needs to be protected.

Before you give up even one speck of your freedom you should think very long and hard about what that means. And be very clear about the blood that was shed and the sacrifices made so you could be standing here today, free and safe.

Our ancestors fought and often gave everything for freedom. This includes (among many) battles such as the Spanish Armada, the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, Constantinople 1453, the Siege of Vienna 1683, and the American Revolution. If you don't know what those battles were for you should probably look them up.

If you are a 'liberal' I'm not going to ask you why you hate yourself and I'm not going to ask you why you loathe the West. Instead I'm just going to ask you this: Do you think your ancestors would be proud of what you are, or do you think they would say you are a disgrace?

You don't have to look very far into history to get your answer. In living memory we have a battle for our freedom: World War 2. The people of our nation gave everything to win this war. At one point our citizens were handing in their jewellery to fund the war. Ask any old person today who was in World War 2 what they think about opening our borders to mass immigration. My own grandfather, a veteran of World War 2, told me this before he passed away: "Fifty million people died so we could keep the foreigners off our shores. Today the country has been handed over to foreigners."

There is a big problem with mass immigration: it doesn't work. While there are certainly advantages to hand-picking talent from around the world (some Japanese engineers here, a few Chinese doctors there, some American scientists, and so on), that is a completely different thing to throwing open the borders to every West-hating, racist, freedom-despising, illiterate, work-shy foreigner who happens to make his way here. That is not benefitting us in the slightest. Any of the 'good stuff' from their cultures would have been adopted by our people anyway because good culture travels by itself; you don't have to take a rock and bash it into place.

If you genuinely feel that mass immigration is a good thing then you remind me of the 'useful idiots' from Stalin's Russia. These were the people who helped bring communism in and were looked upon favourably until, of course, they were no longer needed. Even when they were sitting on trains on their way to the gulags (concentration camps) the useful idiots had big grins on their faces and were still espousing the virtues of the government and communism. Even when they got off the trains and were told by the guards to get into the gulags the useful idiots were still grinning away. It wasn't until that first rifle butt cracked a useful idiot's jaw, and when he was lying in the mud and that boot came down upon his face, that the walls of denial fell down and reality came crashing in, that they truly understood what communism was all about. At that moment they saw everything clearly. By then it was much, much too late.

Ignorance was forgivable then – after all, the horrors of communism hadn't been unleashed upon the world before – it's not forgivable today now that we know communism is responsible for the deaths of over 270 million people in the twentieth century. It failed catastrophically in every single country that tried it.

Many of our own politicians are either communists or very far Left (1). But hey, what could possibly go wrong with having a government that sees 270 million deaths as a teething problem for the policies they want to institute in our country?

"But what about slavery", I hear liberals bleat, "we have a lot to atone for". Well, if you are a slave-owner, then I agree – you have a lot to atone for. Personally, I have never owned a slave so I don't fall into that category. I do, however, come from the Western culture, which is actually the culture that did more to stop slavery than any other culture. The Royal Navy was instrumental in putting pressure on other nations to stop their slave trade. Saudi Arabia didn't (officially) give up their slave trade until 1960. Mauritania didn't (officially) give up its slave trade until 1982, although there are still more than 500,000 slaves there today.

If you're a liberal who feels 'white guilt', I feel in a way that is commendable: you do, after all, mean well. But you are extremely misinformed about history (have you considered actually opening a history book or doing a few Internet searches?) and your guilt is misplaced. If your father committed a crime no one would hold you responsible for it. We are now nine generations past our own history of slavery. Doesn't it seem a little inappropriate that we still have to 'atone' for it? Especially when you consider that there are more than twice as many slaves in Africa today than during the entire history of slavery in the West. That's right, Muslims are still keeping slaves. In fact, they have a history of keeping an estimated 112 million slaves (some estimates put this at 180 million), versus our total of 11 million slaves (2).

But the Muslims who are keeping all these slaves, they want to give up, right, just like a bad alcoholic? I mean, they're just as ashamed of their history of slavery as what we are of ours, right? Actually, no. In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves (3). Keep in mind this man is a superstar in the Muslim world and is very, very much respected by Muslims for his views. Let that sink in.

Even if groups like Liberty GB were dead wrong about mass immigration (they're not), in a free society these groups are still entitled to freedom of speech ... supposedly. Yet I see political correctness and new laws strangling our freedom of speech a little more each day.

So what can we do? Freedom is rapidly slipping away from us thanks to our left-wing government, their accomplices the inept and corrupt media, and all the useful idiots within our own society. First of all, the fight is far from over. As long as there is life there is hope. I think it's vitally important to educate ourselves first * and to be very clear that our Western values are NOT universal; they are something special to us and they were paid for with the blood of our people. Next we need to educate the people close to us. These are people whose lives we can really impact. Try each day when you wake up to think of one thing you can do today to serve freedom. That thing can be anything – join a protest march, post some thought-provoking material on Facebook, donate to a worthy cause, have a discussion with your left-wing friend. You are very much a soldier for freedom and you are not alone.

The important thing is that you know the value of our society and are willing to stand up and be counted.


* Did you check my sources here? Is what I'm saying accurate? You were told by the media that "Islam is a religion of peace", and that's based on what, exactly? Something a Muslim told a reporter? Have you ever read through the Koran yourself to verify any of these claims? Over 60% of the Koran dictates to Muslims how they should treat us; that makes reading the Koran very much in every Westerner's best interest. I'll tell you that to the best of my knowledge there's not one single page in the Koran that DOESN'T condemn the non-Muslim and say that we will burn in Hell ... but why don't you read it for yourself and find out if that's true?



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