Generation Identity: Chapter 1

"This book is no simple manifesto. It is a declaration of war. A declaration of war against everything that makes Europe sick and drives it to ruin, against the false ideology of the '68ers. This is us declaring war on you." - Markus Willinger

The generation whose youthful zeal brought France to a standstill in 1968 never lost its Marxist faith, but learned that violent revolution is unnecessary when government, the media and the universities can all be taken over by stealth. This they succeeded to do over subsequent decades, in almost every Western nation.

The '68ers had children of their own, and with missionary zeal set about indoctrinating them with the left-wing, egalitarian ideas that even now still bulldoze their way across the continent, flattening every expression of native pride and identity and leaving social and economic wreckage in their trail.

But the human mind is a beautiful thing, for sanity can emerge from deep within to break through decades of such propaganda. The children reached adulthood, and some - finding themselves stranded in the multicultural wasteland without clear identity or purpose - began to recognise the importance of what had been lost (or rather, what their parents' generation had tried to destroy), namely national and European histories, cultures, traditions and ethnic identities.

The movement those young people created is called Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity); it emerged from the nativist Bloc Identitaire in France, and is now spreading to other countries across Europe.

Génération Identitaire is not a political party, but rather a combatant in the cultural war, engaging in cultural production - for example this "Declaration of War" (Declaration de Guerre) video - and non-violent direct action - for example the October 2012 occupation of the Poitiers mosque and this year's occupation of the Socialist Party headquarters in Paris. The 'identitarians', as they are called, see themselves as the avant garde of the European counter-revolution.

Generation Identity has recently been established in Germany (under the name Identitäre Bewegung) to oppose multiculturalism, mass immigration and Islamisation there, and 21-year-old Markus Willinger, a leader of the organisation, has written a short book laying out the identitarians' core beliefs and objectives.

Titled Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers, the book is available in English translation, and its poetic, rhetorical style will surely inspire young Brits in search of meaning and identity.

By permission of the publisher, Arktos, we are delighted to present over the next few days three full chapters of the book, beginning here with Chapter 1.


Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers, by Markus Willinger, Arktos Media Ltd., 2013.

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Generation Identity

You want to know who we are? Where we come form? What moves us?

We'll tell you.

We are the changing times; we are the rising wind; the new generation. We are the answer to you, for we are your children.

You've thrown us into this world, uprooted and disoriented, without telling us where to go, or where our path lies. You've destroyed every means for us to orient ourselves.

You've reduced the Church to rubble, so that now only a few of us still find refuge in the ruins of that community.

You've devalued the state, so that none of us wants to serve it any more.

You've split the family. Our domestic idyll has been plunged into divorce, conflict and violence.

You've subjected love to a reductionist deconstruction, and so instead of a deep bond, only the animal drive remains.

You've ruined the economy, so we inherit mountains of debt.

You've questioned and criticised everything, so we now believe in nothing and no one.

You've left us no values, yet you now accuse us of being amoral.

But we are not.


You've promised yourselves a utopia, a peaceful, multicultural society of prosperity and tolerance.

We are the heirs of this utopia, and our reality looks very different.

You buy your peace with ever-mounting debt.

Today, we're watching your prosperity disappear throughout Europe.

For us, your multicultural society means nothing but hatred and violence.

In the name of your 'tolerance' you hunt down all who criticise you, and call those you hunt intolerant.

We've had enough!

Your utopias have lost all legitimacy for us.

Realise at last that we don't live in a unified world or in a global village. Wars, the poor, and the oppressed will always be with us. The world will never be a heaven on Earth.

Your delusions have only accomplished one thing: you have uprooted your children.

We are the lost, the homeless. "Who are we?" we ask ourselves. "Where are we going?"

We've seen through your answers and understood that they are lies. We aren't 'humanity' and we don't want your paradise.

So we have come up with our own answer to these questions.

We turn to what you have demonised. To ourselves.

We search for our identity, and find it under the rubble of your destructive rage. We must dig deep to find ourselves again.

Our history, our homeland, and our culture give us what you have taken from us.

We don't want to be citizens of the world. We are happier with our own countries.

We don't want the end of history, for our history doesn't give us cause to complain.

We don't want a multicultural society where our own culture is left to burn in the melting pot.

We are less demanding than you, yet we want so much more!

While you've chased utopias your entire lives, we want real values. What we demand actually exists; to possess it is our ancestral right. We desire nothing more than our inheritance, and won't tolerate your withholding it any longer.

We are the answer to you and to the failure of your utopia.

For we are generation identity.



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