Germany's Convergence of Catastrophes

There seem to be three main reasons why the West is intent on importing third-world populations into its midst. First, far-left ideologues believe foreign peoples, cultures and faiths will tip the West into social and economic chaos after which communism will finally come to power. Second, the useful idiot liberal allies of the far Left think accepting millions of aliens is the humane and emotional answer to the problems faced by non-Western countries. Third, cheap labour is welcomed by the corporate globalists.

Whichever one it is hardly matters though. The West is controlled by a mixture of all three of the above, and there is nothing on the horizon (apart from the leaders of ex-communist European countries) to halt this re-population of Western countries by alien peoples. Germany is rapidly becoming a failed state as a consequence of her racially and culturally suicidal impulse to become a 'Country of the World'. In November last year, an umbrella group comprised of fifty migration outfits attempted to rewrite Germany’s constitution in order to suggest it was a "diverse country of immigration."

The United Nations has earmarked Germany as a country of low birth rates and therefore open to what they unashamedly and chillingly describe as replacement migration. There is no attempt to encourage native German women to have more children, despite 30 percent of them remaining childless in their middle age, rising to 40 percent amongst those educated to degree level.

The reason so many German women are childless is because they favour careers over children and families. Rather than addressing this feminist catastrophe, Ingo Kramer, president of the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA) wants millions more migrants and to also expand the government's role in raising children in order that women could be free to work at "maximum capacity". This is redolent of communism, which saw women not as wives and mothers but simply as units of production.

But this strange attitude toward replacement migration is quite obviously based on a lie. Herr Kramer argues that Germany can no longer be the economic powerhouse of Europe if it suffers from a shrinking population. This is possibly true, but if the likes of Herr Kramer and Frau Merkel were genuinely interested in Germany’s economic future, they would be vetting all new migrants to see whether they were capable of building the software necessary to keep the automated production lines running at full speed ahead, which means semi-literate goatherds from Yemen would be turned away - but they are most emphatically not.

According to Germany's Federal Employment Agency, 81 percent of the 2015 migratory influx were totally unskilled, a mere 8 percent were in possession of only the most rudimentary form of academic qualifications and almost half a million would become welfare dependent. Reuters stated the German government would spend 94 billion Euros on migrants by 2020, which means Germany is effectively paying to be colonised.

The people behind the economic, racial and cultural destruction of Germany think of themselves as good, kind, virtuous people. Those of us who point out the deliberate and wicked destruction of a race, a people and a country are called neo-Nazis, racists and bigots. We find ourselves in a battle for civilisation where we have little control over the political, media and educational establishments, and as a result are fighting a rearguard action against the odds. But if we fail, Western civilisation will die. Where Sweden was once the canary in the Islamic coal mine, so the pendulum has started to swing toward Germany, which has injected herself with a slow release poison which will become more apparent with the passing of each and every year and will kill her off for good within two to three decades.


Paul Weston is Chairman of Liberty GB.