A Good News Week

Two items of good news this week. First, the AfD (Alternative for Germany party) took 13% of the vote in Sunday's general election, giving them 94 seats in the Bundestag, the German Parliament.

This is long overdue progress. Germans have been punished incessantly since losing the war in 1945, through a sinister psychological process designed to destroy their identity and their natural, protective nationalistic instincts.

The principle villains were - as usual - our disgraceful 'allies', the communists and their Red Army which raped and pillaged what was left of Germany in 1945, and then split the country in two parts, communist East Germany and West Germany.

After reunification in 1990 the process continued with constant rehashing of various histories of Germany's wrongdoings, aided and abetted by countless Hollywood movies and ultimately presided over by Chancellor Angela Merkel, now known by an infantilised German public as Mutti (in English, 'Mummy'!).

It looks as if the AfD are not over bothered about being cast (inaccurately) as "Nazis" and will hopefully expose the fraud, meanwhile attempting to keep Islam and Sharia out, as incompatible with traditional German values.

The popularity of the AfD is mainly down to Mutti Merkel's irresponsible act of letting in 1.5 million asylum seekers. And neither are the AfD in favour of importing millions of Africans to make up for the decline in the indigenous German population, preferring their own efforts - one AfD advert shows a pregnant white woman and reads "New Germans? We'll make them ourselves."

AfD election posters (from left to right): "New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves."; "Burka? I prefer Burgundy!"; "Islam? It doesn’t fit our cuisine."

Back in the 1930s Hitler wanted women to stay home and look after the family and even introduced a medal for women who had eight or more children!

Their role was centred around the 'three Cs' - church, children, cooking - something we could do with reintroducing in the UK, judging by the state of marriage and family life in 21st-century Britain.

Today we may baulk at the idea that "The mission of woman is to be beautiful and bring children into the world", but it surely cannot be good that so many intelligent British women don't want children, or leave it too late.

We can blame the Marxist doctrine of feminism for that.

The second piece of good news comes courtesy of The Guardian (25/9/17) where Simon Woolley (of Operation Black Vote) asks, if you take the most powerful 1,000 people in the UK, how many are non-white (the so-called BMEs)?

Taking the BME population as 13.6% he expected 136 of them to be amongst this group, but the actual figure is 36.

The reasons for this are many, but let us just rejoice that somehow we are holding on to our primacy, our pre-eminence in our own land!

(Video: The colour of power: why is the British establishment so white?)