Has the Left Seized Control of the Home Office?

The woman who is head of the National Trust and is ripping the goodwill of its volunteers from the organisation by an aggressive pro-homosexuality agenda, Dame Helen Ghosh (pictured above), is a fully paid-up member of the cultural Marxist elite.

She was once 'permanent' head of the Home Office (which she left after a record of evasiveness and blame-shifting), and moved on to the NT and is now on her way to one of the plum jobs in the leftie pantheon, head of Balliol College, Oxford - up there with editorship of The Guardian, policy director at the BBC or head of the Institute of Community Cohesion.

It's her Home Office tenure that I find most disturbing. She was appointed when Gordon Brown was PM, but we will never know who suggested and supported her appointment, when she must have been one of a field of strong contenders.

I am building up a file of issues we have with the Home Office. Here are the main issues I have identified so far.

The UK Home Office:

ruled out dental checks to verify the ages of asylum seekers/ 'child migrants'

• pushed the police and CPS to prosecute Tommy Robinson and Tim Burton

hid the number of illegal immigrants and their own estimate that 150,000 illegals break into Britain every year

tried to censor Dame Louise Casey's report on Islamic extremism and political correctness

• set up a whitewash inquiry into Sharia courts

suppressed a report on the nature, scale and origin of the funding of Islamist extremism in the UK

• was called "scandalous" by Lord Justice Gross for its chronic delays in extraditing child stealer Gilbert Deya

under-resourced Border Force (responsible for frontline border control operations at air, sea and rail ports), failed to give them top-level public backing

• employs/ contracts/ listens to a string of ethnic and religious advisers

If you come across other examples, please let me know in the comments section below. I am getting quite a bit of interest each time I post an abbreviated version of the list on Disqus or at The Times.