Hating Islam: My Constitutional Right

Despite the endless whining from liberal politicos and the legion of mindless snowflakes they have created, the US Constitution protects speech that some may deem offensive and even blatantly caustic. In short, as a freedom loving American, I have an absolute right to say the following: "I hate Islam!"

The Constitution grants US citizens the right to articulate their viewpoints and opinions free from tyrannical recrimination by the government or its numerous proxies. And without this right (according to George Washington) Americans will become like "sheep to the slaughter."

The right to publicly state disdain for Islam is actually a great boon and benefit. Why? Because it allows individuals such as myself and others to expose the very fact that Islam stands in violent and demonstrable contrast to our constitutional republic.

In short: Islam is un-American.

Islam eviscerates the foundational tenet of our republic "that all men are created equal" with its supremacist doctrines and dogmas. And it is these very doctrines and dogmas that have motivated ISIS to rape, pillage and plunder Christian communities across the globe.

Koran 9:29 commands all Muslims to "fight against the people of the book" until they are "subdued." The phrase "people of the book" is a direct reference to Christians. And, make no mistake, the fight against the people of the book continues to be waged today because Koranic doctrine (9:29 and beyond) considers Christians unequal to Muslims and worthy of brutal subjugation.

The aforementioned Koranic passage is just the tip of the insidious iceberg that is Islam. In fact, there are over 109 passages in the Koran that advocate jihad against Christians and other non-Muslims.

And why is that? Because Islam does not believe that all men are created equal.

How un-American.

But, thankfully, under the Constitution I (along with my fellow patriots) not only have the right to voice such facts, viewpoints and opinions, but also have the right to say, "I hate Islam."

God bless America!