Hilary Clinton: Master of Misogyny

Any woman that supports Hillary Clinton is an utter disgrace to her gender. And just why is that? Because the twice failed presidential candidate is the undisputed master of misogyny.

Misogyny - defined as "hatred of, and contempt for women" - is the best way to describe this self-anointed champion of women's rights. A woman who stridently claims to be the ultra-feminist while supporting an organization that sells female baby body parts for profit.

Clinton proffered her unwavering support for Planned Parenthood after videos surfaced last year of its employees selling trays of body parts mostly taken from aborted baby girls. This comports with the fact that the abortion mill engages in what's called "sex selective abortion" which usually results in a higher number of girls than boys being aborted.

A recent study conducted by Columbia University found that Chinese, Korean and Indian couples living in the US are far more likely to abort a girl due to cultural proclivities. And just where do these couples go in order to exterminate their baby girls? Well, you guessed it - they go to Hillary Clinton's most treasured organization, Planned Parenthood.

But Hillary's misogyny doesn't end at Planned Parenthood's front door. Her support of the world's most vile, anti-female ideology has been well documented. Of course I'm referring to her steadfast, unabashed and at times sycophantic support of Islam.

Clinton has accepted millions of dollars from Muslim countries that stone women to death for just being suspected of violating sharia law. Not only has she taken millions from these brutal regimes, but she has also labored feverishly on their behalf to spread the spurious narrative that Islam is a positive force for women's rights.

But lest we forget, it was Hillary who ardently protected a sexual predator by the name of Bill while viciously suppressing and demonizing the very women he violated. In Hillary's world, any woman that has been violated deserves to be heard. The only exception: if that woman has been violated by her husband.

In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton has a long history of supporting organizations, ideologies and individuals that dehumanize women. And she has done it without demonstrating one iota of remorse or compunction.

Hillary Clinton: Master of Misogyny.