How to Fight Mosque Plans - Introduction

I've set out to write a simple guide to fighting mosque planning applications. Too many go through unopposed, and unnoticed. Once the application is approved, there is very little you can do... unless you have £30k to fund a Judicial Review in the High Court.

The key to winning is prompt action and getting bodies on the streets... and I don't mean flash demos. You will be dealing with planning officers and planning committees, so small flash demos do very little to help. It should not be your first option.

Small groups of local residents can successfully take on applications and win, and it doesn't cost a fortune to do. One local campaign I helped with cost just £20.00 in printing costs, and we won!

I'll split the various stages into sections; use them as a reference guide to help your campaign. Don't be intimidated by council websites and letter writing! I'll include some template letters you can use.

I'm not a planning lawyer, all my info comes from my own research. I've spent many hours in the public gallery at planning hearings. Everything you read in this guide is achievable with half a dozen volunteers and a Facebook page!



1: Finding Out