If the Slaughter Continues, Muslims Will Have to Go

Not since the Nazis targeted women and infants for cold-blooded execution has Europe witnessed acts of such cynical, bestial viciousness.

Last night in Manchester, a mad dog of Islam detonated a bomb full of nuts and bolts at a concert venue. Twenty-two young revellers were killed, fifty-nine injured.

Even at the height of The Troubles when the IRA was targeting British civilians with nail bombs, there would usually be a telephone warning moments before an explosion. Because somewhere at the bottom of their black, God-forsaken souls there was still some faint glimmer of humanity.

Not so with Islamic terrorism. The blacker the deed, the more merciless the killing, the more it pleases Allah, and the closer the killer gets to Islamic paradise. Such is the twisted thinking of the Muslim fanatic.

There is a simple law about Muslims and terrorism that seems to hold universally true: more Muslims equals more radicalism equals more terrorism. I call it 'Sid's Law', after Mohammad Sidique ('Sid') Khan, the homegrown, 'fully westernised' Muslim who in July 2005 detonated a rucksack full of explosives on a London Tube train, killing seven.

That the majority of Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding and moderate is undeniable - and irrelevant. They are irrelevant. Because wherever the moderates go, the mad dogs are to be found. They may emerge from the community, or they may come from outside, finding there a safe space in which to plot and gather resources.

We have tried endlessly to solve this problem.

We have engaged Muslims in the democratic process and appointed many to senior positions in government and the public services.

It hasn't stopped Islamic terrorism.

We've extended hospitality and generosity, providing homes, jobs, welfare, Islamic schools and mosques in every town.

It hasn't stopped radicalisation and terrorism.

We've given money to anti-extremism organisations such as Quilliam.

They haven't made the smallest dent on the problem.

Successive governments have poured millions into anti-radicalisation programmes such as Prevent.

Money down the drain.

They've introduced new laws to curtail criticism of Islam and Muslims, and have even jailed some speech criminals.

It hasn't stopped Islamic terrorism.

Reformers have suggested revising the Koran and other religious texts to make them compatible with Western values and freedoms.

The hard-liners will have none of it.

Interfaith initiatives have opened lines of communication between the major religions. Some priests have even invited imams into churches and cathedrals to read from the Koran.

It hasn't stopped Islamic terrorism.

We've spent millions and millions on counter-terrorism, and the security services have generally done a superb job.

But they haven't stopped Islamic terrorism.

We've given machine guns to police. There are armed police officers everywhere.

It hasn't stopped Islamic terrorism.

We've locked up extremists, even segregated them from other prisoners.

It hasn't stopped Islamic terrorism.

Politicians have grovelled before Islam, making concession after concession, even allowing Islamic Sharia law to encroach into British life.

It hasn't stopped Islamic terrorism.

The only way to deal with a vicious, snarling dog is to stand your ground, look him straight in the eye and show him your hefty chain. You make it clear to him that you mean business. If it comes to it, you kick his arse and demand obedience.

And if that fails, you send him away.

If new, draconian measures against Islamic extremism fail - as they almost certainly will - then we must consider the action of last resort, which is to remove Muslims from Britain, or at least introduce carrot and stick policies that will encourage voluntary mass exodus.

If the attacks continue, Muslims will have to go. Because more Muslims equals more terrorism equals more murders of our children. Sid's Law.

In the context of cold-blooded nail-bombings of British children, large-scale removal of aliens will be a humanitarian act, no worse than emergency measures of previous wars.

Make no mistake, we are in a war. We might not have declared war on Islam - but Islam has declared war on us.