The Infidel Foster Carers of Tower Hamlets

The BBC and the Guardian are carrying out many hours of investigative journalism into the horrendous story of a five year-old Muslim girl forcibly removed from her family by a BNP controlled council, and subsequently placed in the care of a fundamentalist Christian family who spoke no Urdu and who encouraged the girl to hate all aspects of her own culture and religion.

If the above paragraph was true, I think we could guarantee the left-lib MSM would be having a field day over it, but alas it is not true. The real story here is of a five year-old English, Christian girl removed from her mother by Tower Hamlets council and placed with a Muslim family who speak no English. This travesty of social, moral and cultural justice was broken by the Times and thus far has been resolutely ignored by those caring and compassionate liberals within the BBC and Guardian.

Andrew Norfolk is the Times journalist behind this monstrous, outrageous story. Mr Norfolk is also the man who finally ended the establishment cover up of Muslim gang rapists in Rotherham after he wrote a series of articles in January 2011 which skewered the government, the police and the social services. Perhaps this new story of forced foster care is just another tip of yet another Islamic iceberg running aground on the stony shores of modern, progressive Britain.

Britain’s social services were taken over by the revolutionary left a long time ago. I remember reading countless articles about unwanted black children languishing in ghastly council run homes because Nurse Ratched or Glenda Gimlet refused to allow them to be fostered by obscenely white, God-fearing married couples who might corrupt the little darlings with subversive political thought along racial, cultural and class lines.

Such multiculti squeamishness seems to have gone out of the window in Tower Hamlets though. One wonders how many other little English girls are being ripped from the bosoms of their infidel mothers and forced into families whose members adhere to an ideology as far removed from the little girls’ upbringing as it is possible to get.

 I suppose none of should be surprised by this. We are constantly being told we should embrace diversity and celebrate multiculturalism, so what on earth is wrong with a little cross-cultural pollination? Particularly so if the victims are natives and therefore in need of some serious cultural re-education.

The Times tells us little of the Muslim family this little girl has been forced to live with, save the rather pressing fact that the foster-mother wears a burqa, which completely conceals the face and is worn in line with a strict Salafist interpretation of Islam. She is alleged to have told the little English girl that European women are stupid alcoholics and that Christmas and Easter are “stupid.” She also removed the girl’s Christian cross from her necklace, forbade her bacon and encouraged her to learn Arabic.

All of this flies in the face of council guidelines on foster caring, which quite explicitly detail the requirement to give due consideration to the child’s religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background. Suffice to say, this could never happen the other way around. Never. Ever. Not in a million years.

And what of the husband of the burqa wearing Salafist foster mother? We have no information about him at all. One hopes he does not intend to marry this poor little English girl when she reaches her sixth birthday. One hopes he does not intend to rape her when she is nine. One hopes he is not one of the seemingly many Muslim males who consider infidel girls to be Easy Meat. One hopes he is not one of those cruel Muslims who enslave non-Muslim children and persecute them endlessly. One hopes this one little English girl is not one of many little English girls stolen by Muslim members of Tower Hamlets social services and farmed out to rapacious and profiteering Muslim families who can earn thirty thousand pounds for EACH child they “care” for. One hopes this particular family does not have ten little English girls they use as sex-slaves and domestic slaves whilst being paid three hundred thousand pounds a year by the ever submitting British state.

Gosh. All these questions seem eminently sensible to ask, but will they be asked? Is there some sort of Muslim mafia foster-care operation going on in Muslim controlled areas of once Great Britain? Will this story turn out to be as big as or bigger than the Muslim gang-rape issue? Will those lovely, cuddly, caring and compassionate BBC and Guardian left-liberals within the corridors of establishment power investigate this story further? If they do not, if they are prepared to become complicit in the misery and torture of innocent little English girls, what are we to do with them in the event the “right-wing” come to power in Britain one fine day in the future?


Edit: In April this year an Ofsted inspection of the council found “widespread and serious failures in the services provided to children who need help and protection”.

Tower Hamlets refused to respond to requests to explain why it had chosen to place a white, English-speaking Christian child with Muslim foster carers, including one household where she was unable to understand the language spoken by the family.

Tower Hamlets declined to reveal how many cross-cultural foster placements it was overseeing. The council also refused to say whether it had a shortage of white British foster carers