Islam: The Creed of Paedophile Sodomites

Islam is much more than a bottomless cesspool of violence and mayhem - it is also the creed of paedophile sodomites. In a recent report that appeared in the Daily Mail Australia a 20-year-old Muslim refugee from Myanmar was arrested for violently raping a ten-year-old boy in a suburb of Sydney.

While in custody the perpetrator openly admitted to authorities that his actions were not a crime because it is acceptable in his homeland to have sex with young boys. He also stated that he was raped by older Muslim men during his childhood in Myanmar.

In a 2007 article published in The Atlantic, a young Saudi female admitted that "The older men take advantage of the little boys." She went on to call Saudi Arabia (Islam's birthplace) "the land of sand and sodomites."

In Afghanistan a custom called bacha bazi ('boy play') - in which wealthy older men purchase little boys as sex slaves - is widely practiced. According to the conservative blog Doctor Bulldog & Ronin it is considered a status symbol among the nation's warlords to own such slaves.

Of course the paradigm for such abhorrent and deviant behavior was set by Islam's so-called prophet, Mohammed. Lest we forget: when Mohammed was in his early fifties he wed a six-year-old named Aisha. The marriage was finally consummated when the baby bride reached the tender age of nine.

Despite the false narrative propounded by Hillary Clinton (and her feckless hacks) that Islam is a 'religion of peace' which protects the rights of children, young Muslim boys across the Islamic world are being raped by their male elders with impunity.

These rapes are a manifestation of Islam's long history of subjugation. intimidation and supremacy. A history of abusively dominating the most vulnerable in society in order to protect and advance its convoluted ideology.

In the final analysis, Islam is much more than a bottomless cesspool of violence and mayhem - it is also the creed of pederast sodomites which permits grown men to rape little boys.

And all the false narratives in the world (set forth by venal politicos) will never change this most disturbing fact.

God save Western Civilization from the pederasts (and their creed).