Islamic No-Go Zones: A Sign that Freedom Is Slipping Away

There have been numerous reports (and denials by the Left) that no-go Zones (run by Sharia courts) exist in Europe. Current examples include:

● Over 750 no-go zones or Zones Urbaines Sensibles in France

● In Sweden, over 55 no-go zones and 186 'exclusion areas' - overpopulated Muslim immigrant ghettos, low education, even lower employment, and the only local businesses thriving are illegal drug-dealers

● More than 100 Muslim enclaves in Britain. The Muslim population exceeds 85% in some parts of Blackburn and 70% in a half-dozen wards in Birmingham and Bradford

These examples demonstrate the chasm between Islam and the freedom of Western civilization. Islam preaches the intolerant, supremacist stance that you must fight unbelievers until they are either converted to Islam, in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim domination, or dead (e.g. Quran 8:38-39; Quran 9:29; Quran 9:5; Quran 9:11; Quran 2:193).

There is no middle ground of freedom. And they will lie (taqiyya - lying for the sake of Islam) in order to dominate ... following Muhammad's example of deceit (e.g. slaughter of the Qurayza Jews).

There is a plethora of YouTube video examples of non-Muslims entering Muslim-dominated areas in Western culture; all end in violence against non-Muslims without provocation. Unlike ethnic areas in the US, where all are welcome to share in some of what makes America great, no-go zones are exclusive and threatening/ hostile to non-Muslims, and the inhabitants make that unequivocal.

We, in America, may believe we're safe from this forced domination, but think again ...

Dearborn, Michigan has been a breeding ground for Islamic hatred for years. The bedrock was set in 1920 when anti-Semite Henry Ford began publishing the atrocity, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in his "International Jew" series. A fitting foundation for a creed that shared the bloodthirsty hatred of Jews with the Nazis. Their Islamic population is nearing 50% and they are now emboldened to display Muhammad's bloodlust for anyone who will not bow to Islam.

A neighboring congressman, Keith Ellison, speaking at the annual convention of the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America (both tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood) in Dearborn, said that Muslims can help teach America about justice and equal protection. Really, anyone who has bothered to take a peek at Islamic Sharia law knows better. Ellison, a Muslim convert, is a sweetheart of the Saudis, and on one visit with the Saudis stated, "We have common interests and aspirations." (Um … which ones are those? The amputations, beheadings, wife-beatings, the spread of Sharia? I wish he was more specific.)

The milieu is being established. The government, instead of protecting the people it has sworn to guard, is instead protecting the perps and followers of an ideology that loathes woman, children, Jews and Christians (People of the Book), other non-Muslims, individual freedom and everything we hold dear in Western civilization.

Devout/ radical followers of Islam are a dangerous breed. They lie their way into the West via secular Muslim populations. And their goal is total and complete domination. And it all begins with no-go zones.

Shalom through strength.


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Audrey Russo is host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show based in New York City. Her articles on the Middle East, national security, terrorism and cultural issues have been published widely. Audrey is also an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.