The Islamic Sleeping Pill

Nassim ben Iman, former hard-line Muslim in Germany, gives a timely warning. Here is the subtitled translation.

I only see a pure tactic by Muslim officials who want to obscure these truths, to give a sleeping pill to Christian society so that they sleep through the Islamisation of Europe, sleep through a treacherous, false representation and the obscuring of truth. That is part of the strategy to Islamise Europe.

If you are angry about Muslim fundamentalists that's unfair. Why? Because these fundamentalists represent exactly and 100% Islam, such as it is in all forms. ... One must not forget and deny that this is not about fanatics or Islamism, it is about people who follow their Muslim faith from A to Z, who want to fulfill it 100%.

There is the general threat Islam teaches, that he who changes his religion must be killed. That's a fact. The sword hangs over my head. And that the threats come ... from the closest circle of friends, of family ... that is what makes it very hard for me.

Every Muslim is a potential terrorist.

My plea to our politicians and our society is: please open your eyes. ... tolerance at the expense of truth is a total stupidity, which will exact a very high price.


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