The Jihadi Pirates Who Took British Slaves

In the recent pro-Islam propaganda video by Lincolnshire Police, Mr Hafez Abdusammad Mulla of the Al Imdaad Foundation said, "Muslims have a long shared history with Britain".

In a way, they have, indeed. Muslim jihadi slave-takers have "a long shared history" with Britain's coastal villages:

1625 "The Turks... take the men to make slaves of them."
1625 Mounts Bay was raided: 60 people taken as slaves.
1626 St Keverne was attacked more than once.
  Cornish boats attacked at sea: the men taken as slaves.
1631 ALL the women and children of Baltimore, SW Ireland (then part of UK) taken as slaves.
1640 Estimated 3,000 to 4,000 British existing as slaves in N. Africa.
  Commission set up to oversee ransom money to liberate slaves.
1645 240 people taken from Cornwall.
1646 Parliament set up a slave-purchase fund to liberate English slaves in Africa.
1650s Muslim jihadis use Lundy Island as a slave base.
1661 1661 Samuel Pepys meets two liberated slaves in London.
1675 Royal Navy threat defeats Tunis.
  Royal Navy bombards and defeats Tripoli.
  Algiers was attacked by British, French, and Spanish to secure cessation of hostilities.
1801-05 First Barbary War of USA.
1815-16 Second Barbary War: US Marines take Tripoli.
1816 British and Dutch attack N. Africa: more than 4,000 Christian slaves liberated.

This is why pirates in British pantomimes wear turbans: they express the "long shared history".

See "Historic UK: Barbary Pirates and English Slaves".