Killing Someone Who Deserves to Die

Another day, another stabbing: Europe today.

Afghan mother, Fatima S., was just leaving the supermarket in Prien, Germany, with her children in April this year. Another Afghan, who had been waiting on a bench opposite, rose up and attacked her, shouting that she had to die for leaving Islam. He stabbed her in the head and then slit her throat as her cries were heard for hundreds of feet around. A horrified eye-witness said:

"It was bad. A brave citizen tried to intervene and save the woman, everything was full of blood. It was inconceivably terrible."

Brave shoppers overpowered him. Police were called, and he was detained.

Murdered for leaving Islam - Fatima S.

Fatima S. had left Islam. As a result she had to be killed. This is commanded in Sharia, the body of rules which define Islam. Leaving Islam is "the ugliest form of unbelief (kufr) and the worst" (Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller, o8). All four of the main schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that leaving Islam - apostasy - brings death.

In Sharia, "since it is killing someone who deserves to die", there is no penalty for killing an apostate (Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller, o8.4). Anyone may freely perform such a murder: it is part of Islam's authorised vigilante killing system. Every brother doubles up as executioner. The victim had left Islam while in Afghanistan. She fled that country in 2011 because of the murder that awaited her there, and obtained asylum in Germany. Her killer was known to her, and had sought her out, arriving in Germany in 2013.

Unfortunately, we Europeans are not acquainted with these rules: the attacker was initially detained in a psychiatric hospital. Authorities are not yet familiar with Sharia, but we all need to give it some attention. This is because Islam’s mission is to impose Sharia on all the world, in a global caliphate, by force if needed. Osama bin Laden explained, but no-one took any notice:

"Does Islam or does it not force people by the power of the sword to submit... ? Yes!"

Islam is political. As Anjem Choudary told the BBC, "We are an ideological political movement." Sharia is total: it has no place for nation states or "man-made law":

"If we are practising Muslims we are above the law of the land"

said Mustafa Carroll of the Texas chapter of the Council of American Islamic Relations. This is a Hamas-linked front group of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is classed as a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates.

The European Court ruled that Sharia is "incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy" (Welfare Party case 2003). British authorities are complacent, negligently ignorant, and grossly irresponsible over Sharia. The most senior British judge, Lord Phillips, has said that Muslims in Britain should be able to use Sharia to decide financial and marital disputes. That opinion, which defies our rules for how we are to be governed, is the thin end of an unsupervised wedge. The previous Archbishop of Canterbury, who is not a lawyer, expressed similar sentiments. The government is failing to uphold British law. As a result Sharia courts are now dealing with all kinds of matters - outside UK law. This murder in Germany is an example of Sharia rules.

Knife crime in Germany has rocketed. Chancellor Merkel made matters exponentially worse with her illegal open borders declaration. Compared with the 2007 figure of 350 knife crimes there were 3,500 such incidents in the first ten months of 2017, that is to say, as many each month as for the whole of 2007, or more than 10 per day. The figure may well be higher: German police are accused of failing to report many crimes, so as "not to unsettle" the public. In Berlin last year 45% of crimes were committed by migrants. Still, "Evil Stepmother" Merkel will not apply a cap to migration. She and fellow leaders are destroying Europe.

Everyone needs to be vigilant.

Coming soon, to a supermarket near you...