Lammy Demands a Free Pass for Black Students

David Lammy MP has written to Oxford University demanding to know why some of its colleges aren't, in his view, taking enough black students:

A Labour MP is making a formal complaint against Oxford University, accusing the institution of attempting to undermine reports that 10 colleges failed to admit a single black A-level student in 2015. Tottenham MP David Lammy accused both Oxford and Cambridge of "social apartheid". He suggested there could be a "systematic bias inherent in the Oxbridge admissions process".

Ah yes, racism - the root cause of all minority failure. But wait...

Toby Young... author and free school founder said there were "so few black students at Oxford... because too few apply" to the university. "Falsely accusing the university of racism will make things worse," he wrote on Twitter.


A Cambridge University spokesman said: "The greatest barrier to participation at selective universities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds is low attainment at school."

Could it be that Mr Lammy's problem has more to do with poor A-level grades and low application rates than race-hatred among admissions tutors?

I wonder if he is familiar with the concept of meritocracy, where the best performing people are given the best opportunities? It worked reasonably well, before the immigrant masses learned how to play the race card to get everything they want.

David Lammy is calling for special measures such as grade weighting to elevate "under-represented groups". In practice this will prioritise low performers over bright pupils who've worked hard to achieve better grades; will force white British students to accept less in order that ethnic minorities can benefit. This is neither fair nor rational.

Oxford University, to its credit, has so far refused to consider lowering grade offers for supposedly 'disadvantaged' groups.

Rather than attacking universities, Lammy would do better to address the problems of family breakdown, youth criminality and under-performing schools in some areas. The old grammar schools were great agents of social mobility, enabling large numbers of poorer students to go to university and enter the professions, and perhaps that's the kind of solution we should be looking at now.

Meanwhile, for those who can't stop complaining about the 'oppression' and 'racism' of their (far too indulgent) British hosts, may I suggest relocation to Africa? It is by all accounts a paradise for black people, free of racism, a veritable land of opportunity.

Finally, on the subject of university entrance, can anyone offer a plausible explanation as to how Mr Lammy himself got into London University and Harvard?