The Left and Muslims Know: Why America and White Europe Will Never Heal from Slavery

The enslavement of humans by other humans is abominable. It has sadly been in existence for thousands of years. (And it is still in existence in Africa, perpetrated by Muslims.) With the enslavement of so many other cultures for so many more years than the West's participation in slavery... and with massive, interminable reparations in various forms (welfare, affirmative action, etc.) being doled out by Western leaders (out of a sense of false guilt, in most cases), it all begs the question: Why can't America/ White Europe heal from slavery?

The Atlantic slave trade of Africans began by African tribal leaders selling their people to Portuguese and Muslim traders... who in turn, sold them to the West. I bring this fact to light for origin's sake.

Those of African descent were not the only people enslaved. For instance, my ancestors were enslaved by the Egyptians (black-on-white slavery) for some 400 years. Yet, if someone came into Western culture today, they'd believe that blacks were the only people ever enslaved. Why is that?

Well, the Left and Muslims know why, but they're not telling - so I will...

If a wound is not left to the healing process and is perpetually disturbed, the healing process will never complete. The Left has an incredible industry based upon keeping the memory of slavery alive (perpetual wound):

First you convince all white people they are related due to skin hue.

Then, you inflict them with a sense of false guilt for the actions of those now dead (those who held slaves), upon those now dead (those enslaved).

Then, you make sure they (whites) never forget the sins of other white people, for which they must continue to make reparations.

And voilà! An instant, and self-perpetuating industry. Like a mortician, you're guaranteed to always have business!

Enter devout Muslims who know how to use their useful idiots on the Left...

Despite the fact that Islam is an ideology and has nothing to do with race, Muslim organizations like CAIR entered into the public arena following the 9-11 attacks as victims. Innocent victims of race discrimination. They represented the perps by ideology, and yet they flipped their public persona and slipped in under the category of persecuted minority (and they love to cry "racist" against their clueless detractors) with little to no pushback.

The Left will fan the flames of white guilt for profit. The devout followers of Muhammad will bolster the race card until they (as they have everywhere they invade) are strong enough to take control.

It's all about dollar signs and domination, plain and simple.

It's about time the West awakens out of its coma - before these two entities collectively pull the plug.

Shalom through strength.


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Audrey Russo is host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show based in New York City. Her articles on the Middle East, national security, terrorism and cultural issues have been published widely. Audrey is also an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.