Leftist Views of Wayward Pines, Season 2

The Left won the culture war. You will see leftist propaganda in most movies, television shows, in our media and music. It is drip fed to us.

I just finished watching Wayward Pines, Season 2, which is set two thousand years in the future when most of humanity has been reduced to bloodthirsty monsters and just one thousand normal human beings remain, living in a walled community in America. The rest of the world has basically been destroyed.
I decided to catalogue all the leftist propaganda I observed in this one television show alone:

- The leader and his partner are white and are incapable of conceiving a child, yet the mixed race couples do not have this problem.

- In the first season of this show the monsters were suitably frightening and barely looked human. This time around, however, they closely resemble the Noble Savage that the Left is so in love with; they are nature's gentlemen, capable of violence when pushed, but overwhelming peace-loving to the point of being almost timid. They are also the 'real victims' (sound familiar?)

- The lead characters who are white are brutal and unwilling to negotiate; they even wear uniforms which look very much like Nazi uniforms... er, excuse me, National Socialist uniforms.

- The storyline revolves around the humans arriving and colonising an area they want to use, having had to displace the peace-loving noble savages (aka, monsters who went on the rampage and killed many people in the first season). The story reminded me very much of Israel which is surrounded by hostile and resentful Arabs, and also by extension was reminiscent of the rest of the West which is currently being invaded by third-world countries that want to be let in through our borders to enjoy the good stuff we have.

- The lead monster character is female, but most of the monsters are male and are completely obedient to her. I'm no television show critic, but I’m guessing this is meant to symbolise the happy marriage between feminism and Islam... because those two ideologies are so compatible... or something.

- The show even takes a stab at gun ownership, firmly announcing that guns are only for the state, and demonstrating that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens is a bad idea.

- The last two episodes of this series look at eugenics, something which is despised in the West because of its association with the National Socialists. When deciding which citizens are to be saved the racist/ white leader wants to choose people based on the skills that they have and what they can contribute, much like the points system that Australia (and every sane country) uses to decide what immigrants they want in. However, this is dismissed by the real hero of the show who states that people should be saved randomly by a lottery system.

- One character’s dream is to hear the call to prayer at the Blue Mosque.

- In a surprise twist, the leader and his wife turn out to unknowingly be mother and son! Again, I'm no critic, but this reminded me that the World Health Organisation reports that 51% of the world’s Muslims are inbred, so I'm guessing this is meant to make the audience less judgmental about the Islamic custom of first cousin marriage.

- The show is uncompromisingly savage towards anyone with views even slightly removed from the hard-left agenda. Seriously, the white/ racist people are treated with absolute disgust by all the other characters... all because they want to protect their own people from the bloodthirsty savages outside.

- Last but not least there is a wall separating the humans from the immigrants... er, excuse me, bloodthirsty monsters, that want to rip apart everything that is not like them. It is easy to associate a wall with Donald Trump's proposal of building a wall to keep illegal aliens out of America. The show hits the audience over the head with the idea that it is racist to want to defend your culture (at least, if you are white - if you're any other colour than it is not just acceptable, it is encouraged).

So, the take away message from this television show is that the bloodthirsty savages who want to kill us are really our friends and we need to give them a chance. And I really can't think of a better summary for the Left’s outright denial of reality than that.