Lincolnshire Police Duped by Terror-Linked Islamic Organisation

In common with other police forces across the country, Lincolnshire Police have recently devoted much time and public money to countering so-called 'Islamophobic hate'.

Their latest propaganda effort is a video "tackling misconceptions and myths" about Islam, in which a Mr Hafez Abdusammad Mulla, Country Director of the Al Imdaad Foundation UK, claims that "Muslims have a long, shared history with Britain", admits that "so-called (sic) Muslims have been responsible for terrorist attacks", but asserts that "these people do not represent the views of normal Muslims like me...":


Despite his senior role as UK Country Director of the Al Imdaad Foundation, Mr Mulla appears unaware of the Foundation's links to extremist and terrorist organisations. Otherwise he would have mentioned them in the video, wouldn't he?

Evidently, Lincolnshire Police's crack detectives didn't pick up on this either, even though the evidence is already in the public domain. Otherwise they wouldn't have let Mr Mulla publicise Al Imdaad on their (publicly funded) video, would they?

From the website of Gatestone Institute:

Al-Imdaad Foundation - a South African charity, the British branch of which has previously partnered with Viva Palestina, the pro-Hamas charity established by George Galloway and that included Hamas activists among its staff.

One of Al-Imdaad's trustees, Qari Ziyaad Patel, has written and sung a nasheed [Islamic song] in praise of the Taliban.

In 2012-13, Al-Imdaad's British branch raised over £400,000 for the IHH, a Turkish charity widely accused of funding terrorism and that publicly supports Hamas. Al-Imdaad UK has also given over £50,000 (over $80,000) to the Zamzam Foundation, a Somali charity run by the Saudi-funded Somali Muslim Brotherhood.

In addition, events organized by Al-Imdaad UK have included speakers such as Maulana Sulaimaan Ravat, a South African preacher who has propagated conspiracy theories that Jews overthrew Libyan dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, in order to steal Libya's oil reserves.

Last year, child grooming offences in Lincolnshire more than doubled. Boston in Lincolnshire has such high rates of murder/ attempted murder that it's been dubbed "the most murderous area in England and Wales". Both of these statistics suggest that Lincolnshire Police ought be channeling their energies into tackling serious crime (it's what local people pay them for) rather than making propaganda videos.