Not Cowed? Our Politicians are Terrified of Islam



Well, the political reaction to yesterday's Islamic attack on Western civilisation does not fill me with much optimism. In fact, I think it safe to say that unless the current political and media establishment is swept aside, Britain will be an Islamic country long before 2050 - which might sound a long way away, but a baby born today will be only 33 at that point. Let that sink in. Especially if you are thinking of having children.

Take for example Prime Minister May's rather witless and unconvincing response to what she terms "international terrorism" when she said: "The terrorists chose to strike at the heart of our capital city, where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech." "It's essential for us to remain vigilant but to also work together - to unite against those who seek, through violence and extremism, to threaten, intimidate and cause fear."

There is so much wrong with this it's hard to know where to start. She never mentioned Islam or Muslims, despite this being one of a number of similar attacks carried out in Europe recently, all by Muslims. She speaks of our values of liberty and democracy and tolerance and respect, all of which she thinks also apply to Islam and therefore mean we live in a lovely, cuddly, multiculti utopia.

But we don't, do we? And the reason is simply that Islam doesn't believe in any of that vapid liberal rubbish. They believe in religious superiority and they are serious about taking us over; and they know they can do this much more easily whilst our terrified politicians pretend Islam poses no threat. They will use our liberalism against us to inflict their autocratic, totalitarian theocracy upon us.

Prime Minister May cleaves to this fantastical view that everything is okay, that the only problems on the horizon will be caused by those who allow the communities to be divided simply by noticing that one particular community does wicked things. As long as we ignore the wicked things everything will be alright! But it won't be. It is called appeasement. It is called cowardice. It is called dhimmitude, and Islam will win if we allow our politicians to pander to them.

Respect, tolerance and a love of diversity are just signs of weakness and capitulation in the face of monocultural, supremacist Islam which doesn't believe in democracy, or equality, or respect, or diversity or free speech. How hard is it to understand this simple fact?

The answer to that is that it is easy to understand. Despite the drivel uttered by our politicians about not giving in to fear, they are all terrified of Islam. Which is why they call it international terrorism not Muslim terrorism. No amount of vigils and teddy bears and candles and don't give in to fear hashtags can alter the harsh reality that no politician will associate Muslim terrorists with the Koran, the hadiths or the life and teachings of the Muslim prophet and warlord Mohammed who stated he had been made victorious through terror and commanded his followers to terrorise all non-Muslims and wage war against them until they submitted to Allah.

There are lots of brave MP's tweeting and twittering at the moment, loudly proclaiming their courage in the face "international terrorism". They might be considered a bit braver if they called it what it is, of course - Muslim terrorism drawn from the deepest culture of Islam itself -, and even braver if having said they stand proud and brave one of them actually drew a picture of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Any takers?

Conservative MP James Cleverly tells us he's not cowed or afraid. Got your pencil and paper handy Mr Cleverly? No, I thought not.

And Just listen to our top policeman, acting deputy commissioner Mark Rowley, who again managed to omit the words Muslim or Islamic terrorism in his speech to the press yesterday. Furthermore, he actually said: "We must recognise now that our Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time given the past behaviour of the extreme right wing and we will continue to work with all community leaders in the coming days."

Can you believe that? A Muslim commits an act of terror in a long history of numerous Muslim acts of terror and Britain's senior policeman cannot bring himself to mention Muslims or Islam in connection with the actual terrorist incident, but can find ways to slander the right wing who have never committed acts of murder or terrorism against the Muslim community. Isn't all of this quite extraordinary? Quite insane?

Our politicians are on their knees before Islam. Our senior policemen are on their knees before Islam. If you dare raise your voice about the very real threat of Islam or the history of violent and supremacist Islam then you will become the object of attention from our political and policing masters.

I personally am mentioned twice in this government's anti-extremism policy documents because I raise my concerns about a rapidly growing demographic in Britain which hates everything about our civilisation. Liberals might say I should stop demonising an entire religion, but it needs to be attacked. Where are all the statements from the big mosques around the country apologising for yesterday's terrorist attack carried out in the name of Islam? Where are the planned marches holding placards saying "Not in my name"? All I have heard so far is stories of jubilation and a lot of allahuakbaring from Muslims in our prisons. There are lots of Muslims in our prisons and when they are released some of them will go on to enrich our communities in their own inimitable fashion.

And meanwhile our witless government allows hundreds of thousands more Muslims into our country every year. They even allow British-born jihadis to come back from Syria. Why can liberals not see where this insanity will take us? How can our politicians continue to pretend all cultures are equal and that Islam is just as respectful, tolerant, humane and decent as our culture? When will all this madness stop? Because believe me, it is complete and utter madness. Total liberal madness. Wicked politically correct madness.

On a final note, police constable Keith Palmer was the policeman murdered yesterday. He was a husband and a father. I would ask you, please, to consider donating to his family via this link.