An Open Letter to the Police

I have been prompted to write this letter because of viewing a promotional video produced by the Lincolnshire Police force raising the issue of Islam in the UK and hate crime. I can understand the motives behind the production of this video, as it is clear that the police throughout Britain and not just in Lincolnshire want to portray the Muslim community in a positive way and to reduce the 'stereotypical' views about Islam and Muslims that you believe lead to 'hate crimes' against this community. You have, through this video, allowed the Muslims to have their say. I would like a similar space, without fear of arrest or being called names, to have my say and to convey to you the thoughts and feeling of the one group you never consult or listen to, the white working class.

Firstly, I would like to bring to your attention that the white working class in Britain is not, contrary to the sneering bigotry of the liberal elite, stupid. They are able to differentiate between Muslims who are peaceful and those who would do harm. Many of them work with Muslims; have Muslim friends and encounter Muslims on a daily basis. They understand that most Muslims are not terrorists and they do not therefore, as you often imply, make stereotypical generalisations about the whole Muslim community. They would therefore appreciate it if you stopped making stereotypical generalisations about them in relation to this matter.

Unlike you, however, most working class people understand that the argument that most Muslims are peaceful is irrelevant! Most Russians were not members of the tiny faction that constituted the Bolsheviks; in other words the majority of Russians were peaceful. The vast majority of Germans in the Second World War were not Nazis; in other words, the vast majority of the Germans were peaceful. The vast majority of the Chinese were not Maoists; in other words, the majority of Chinese were peaceful. However, none of these peaceful majorities was able to prevent the well-organised and ideologically motivated minorities from imposing tyrannical regimes that left piles of dead bodies behind them. This is because you do not need a majority to wreak havoc and impose tyranny; you only need a well-organised and ideologically motivated minority. This is what concerns the working class.

Working class people are of the opinion that our country has fragmented culturally, ethnically and religiously in recent years with Islamic enclaves appearing in many major towns and cities across England in particular. Within these enclaves, such primitive practices as femal genital mutilation are allowed to go unpunished and Sharia sanctioned law allowed to be practiced and abused. Polygamy is freely practiced; hatred spewed from mosques against the kuffar i.e. people like me and my family and indeed people like you; and more worryingly, within these communities, camouflaged by the peaceful majority, jihadi sleeper cells and well organised networks of jihadi terrorists with links nationally and internationally are widespread. We have seen many of our fellow citizens killed in recent years, and attacks against children at a concert in Manchester and the rape of our young girls in Rotherham, which you tried to cover up, are the direct result of the failed experiment of multiculturalism and the existence of these Islamic enclaves. These represent legitimate areas of concern for working class people.

Muslims often talk about negative media coverage, as was demonstrated in the video, and by implication you seem to believe that this is indeed the case. Most working class people find this risible! The idea that the politically correct British media portray Muslims or Islam in a negative way is simply absurd. The media are cowards and are terrified of telling the truth about Islam. Islam is constantly sanitised and promoted through the filters of political correctness. Our politicians, who must be held responsible for the deaths of all those killed by Muslims, fall over themselves to appease Islam and relieve the teachings of Mohammed of any responsibility for jihadi terrorism. The lengths these traitors go to in order to promote Islam as peaceful is nauseating in the extreme and an insult to the victims of Islamic terror. These events are of major concern to working class people.

Those who have taken the time to study Islamic theology, including the Koran, Hadith and Sira understand that negative critiques of Islamic teachings have a rational basis and are not 'Islamophobic'. The police and the intelligence services have a responsibility to protect and keep the citizens of this country safe yet you and the political class that you represent fail to understand the problem that you confront and therefore your ability to protect us is compromised. This is the concern most working class people have.

However much you promote the 'religion of peace' narrative the reality of Islamic jihad will just keep confronting you, even though you continually shut your eyes to it; just like you shut your eyes to the rape of our children in Rotherham and Oxford. You will have to come to terms with the fact that Islam is not a religion of peace eventually and that it is anything but benign. Just because many Muslims do not engage in jihad directly does not mean that Islam itself is peaceful. Many Muslims do not understand their faith well enough to follow the example of their prophet, and many interpret the Koran through the filters of western values of tolerance, equality and freedom. However, these values are totally alien to Islam and most of the Islamic world where Sharia is practiced. A study of the early Islamic community led by Mohammed will disabuse you of any notions that you may have of the peaceful nature of the teachings of Islam, but then again given your determination to live in a state of perpetual denial, perhaps not.

Working class people also reject your narrative that hate crimes against this community are on the increase. The data do not support your contentions, and anyway if a hate crime can be so broadly defined as to include looking at someone the wrong way or is dependent simply on the perception of a so-called victim then we have entered into an Alice in Wonderland world.

In any case working class people note your double standards and the selective application of hate crime laws against the native population of this country when they express their concern about the real perpetrators of hate crime, i.e. radical Muslims. Where were you, for example, in Whitechapel when the local jihadis declared parts of it a Sharia zone? How many arrests did you make of those abusing gay people and women who dared to dress in a way deemed unacceptable to Muslims? Where were you when young men out enjoying themselves had their alcohol taken from them by Muslim radicals and then were told to leave the area because they were kuffar and therefore not allowed near the mosque? Why were the Sharia Zone stickers allowed to remain stuck to walls and lampposts for months? The response of course would have been very different had stickers about Muslims been plastered all over the place, as most people in this country know too well.

When Muslim radicals stand on the streets of our cities and chant "death to the infidels" and through loudspeakers make it clear what they will do to our women when they take over, i.e. rape them as sex slaves, why no arrests? Are these not hateful things to say? Is inciting murder and rape not against the law? Is this not hate speech? Why should my family and I be subject to this abuse, indeed why should any family regardless of religion or ethnicity have to put up with this whilst the police stand by terrified to take any action? I am not suggesting that the police always stand idly by looking impotent but on too many occasions, they do. Perhaps less time painting your nails and wearing high heels, again pandering to minorities, and more time doing what we pay you for, i.e. preventing crime, would enable us to restore some faith in you.

Working class people have had to stand by and watch the total transformation of their country over the last few decades and they now find that they are strangers in their own land. They live in communities that are no longer recognisably English and amongst people who are not like them and in too many instances despise their culture and values. Their children have a right to inherit what their ancestors have fought for and passed down to them. Many working class people are not prepared to allow their children to be deprived of their civilizational inheritance and they will not be silenced. They have seen too many of our people culturally disorientated and utterly bewildered by the changes imposed on them, regardless of their anxieties and concerns, only to be called racists and xenophobes because they dare question the state-sponsored multiculturalism that has been imposed on them without their consent.

I know I speak on behalf of many in this country, particularly working class people, who have borne the brunt of mass immigration and the Islamisation of their communities. What hope for our children growing up with alien cultures everywhere? What about their own culture? Do our children have a right to grow up in a country that they can call their home or has England just become the dumping ground for any group that wants to come here? You may not like these sentiments but this is how working class people feel and it would really be appreciated if you showed some respect for them for a change so that once again they could respect you and embrace you as their police service.

I have written this letter because I want you to know how they feel and to recognise that they too have concerns and fears. Some acknowledgement of these on your part may just prevent the growing disillusionment that many are beginning to have about you and it just may prevent future civil unrest. Working class people will not put up with this indefinitely.