Paul Weston to lead PEGIDA UK

We are delighted to announce today that Liberty GB Chairman, Paul Weston, has been appointed as the new UK leader of the PEGIDA movement.

At a press conference held earlier this afternoon, Paul Weston was accompanied by veteran anti-Islamic campaigner Tommy Robinson and Director of Sharia Watch, Anne Marie Waters. Paul’s appointment as leader of PEGIDA UK was duly confirmed, along with the appointment of Anne Marie Walters as PEGIDA UK Deputy Leader.

PEGIDA, the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, was launched in October 2014 in Dresden, Germany and the movement has since expanded across Europe and reached a global presence as far away as America and Australia.

Paul and Anne Marie join PEGIDA at an exciting time, just a month ahead of PEGIDA’s international silent walk on 6th February, the UK manifestation of which will be held in Birmingham. This of course will not be the first time that Paul has attended a PEGIDA rally, as he was invited to Newcastle last year where he spoke of the dangers of the continued growth of Islam and its failure to integrate with western society. You can watch the video here.

George Whale, Jack Buckby and myself have also been invited to join PEGIDA UK in an administrative capacity to complement PEGIDA's own team, where we have volunteered to offer assistance in our own specialised areas of knowledge.

Following today's announcements, the operation of Liberty GB shall continue unchanged as a totally separate entity from PEGIDA. This announcement does not indicate any type of greater planned merger between our two organisations, and the day-to-day operations of both will continue along separate paths. Liberty GB is a political party, whereas PEGIDA is a non-political entity and welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs who share a concern with the growth of radical Islam. However, Liberty GB has always been supportive of organisations striving towards the same objectives as ourselves and we support cross-group co-operations when such opportunities exist. We naturally hope such opportunities will present themselves in the future with PEGIDA.

Liberty GB continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and Paul's international tour planned for early this year will continue, with added vigour. Our new Liberty GB website is on the verge of being launched this month once we touch-up a few cosmetic issues and the entire leadership of Liberty GB remain committed to the continued growth of our party. Paul's role with PEGIDA will in no way diminish this resolve.

Please join us in congratulating Paul and Anne Marie on their new appointments with PEGIDA.