Paul Weston: Preventing White Genocide


Being a dreadful, awful, ghastly racist such as myself does tend to give you an advantage because it means I can actually talk about race. And we do need to talk about race because the twenty-first century – unless things change – will see the virtual extinction of my white European race.

Now, people are going to think that's a paranoid statement to make, but in 1950, – bearing in mind there are three global races, the white European Caucasian, the African and the Asian – in 1950 white Europeans accounted for 30 percent of the global population; today we're down to only 16 percent, and United Nations figures suggest that by 2050 we will be only 10 percent, and only having 5 percent of the world's babies.

Now this is not such as tremendous problem as long as we retain control of our own homelands. It doesn't matter that we become a global ethnic minority, but if we also lose control of our own homeland and become an ethnic minority there, then we have a big problem.

The entire world population growth this century is being driven only by the African and the Asian races. We're projected to go from 7 billion to 9 billion – that's an extra 2 thousand million people – while our population actually declines because we're not having enough children. And we are importing this population bulge, this population explosion, we are importing this into the West.

For example in America, – that used to be, only in 1950, a massively white majority country – today white babies born in America are a[n] ethnic minority already. This hasn't happened in Europe yet, but in Europe we have a big problem because we are demographically declining as a race: 1.5 children means that tomorrow's generation is 25 percent smaller than today's. And the Muslim population is growing very, very quickly. It doesn't take very long for things to change, especially when you take into account that the majority of white Europeans are old, and the majority of Muslims are young. Being young gives them two advantages: first of all it means they're of child-bearing age; and secondly it means that should … it come to physical confrontation, they will have an awful lot of males of fighting age.

To bring this into perspective, think about 100 white European couples and think about 100 Muslim couples. Now, 100 white European couples who are only having 1.5 children each, they will go to 75 children, 56 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren within the space of 3 generations. Only 42 [great-]grandchildren come from that. With the Muslim population they will have, the 100 couples will have 400 children, they will have 1,600 grandchildren, and they will have 6,400 great-grandchildren. So it doesn't take long for these things, for populations to change massively, based on demographics.

In Europe, there are 450 million white Europeans, and there are 50 million Muslims. The problem we have here is only 10 percent of the white Europeans, – 45 million – only 10 percent are aged under 16, whereas with the Muslim demographic 30 percent are aged under 16. So their 50 million means that they have 15 million aged under 16, and Europe, white Europeans have only 45 million. Now, you project that forward another couple of generations and we will decline to 34 million and onwards to 25 million, while they will go from 15 million to 60 million to 240 million. So it takes only 2 generations to see a total demographic change, based on us only having 1.5 children and based on them having anywhere between 3 to 4 children.

So Europe is very quickly going to become an Islamic continent. And this is why in 1974 [at] the UN Conference, the Algerian President Houari Boumediene said the following (I'm going to have to read this); he said: "One day millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere, and they will not go there as friends, because they will conquer it. They want to conquer it, the wombs of our women will give us victory." Well yes, that's exactly what's happening, and if you want to take this [really] it's yours, based purely on demographic growth.

And the jihadist in Norway, Mullah Krekar, stated: "Look at the development in Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes. Every western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the country is producing 3.5 children. We are the ones who will change you." Yes – you will.

And for good measure let's have Colonel Gaddafi, who said: "There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe, without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within decades."

Well that's what's happening, and it's happening very, very quickly. And the point about this is that when, because it's  now at a large base, that 50 million become 200 million, become 800 million within 2 generations. When it was a small base of only 100 thousand and they turned into 200 thousand, and 400 thousand, it didn't really matter because it was still a tiny percentage. But 50 million turning into massive numbers within 2 generations suddenly transforms everything.

So Europe is going to become a Muslim continent, and by 2050 the vast majority of Europeans, – well I say Europeans, the vast majority of people living in Europe – young people, will be Muslim. We will be a[n] ethnic minority in the blink of an eye.

In Britain we have the same problem but even worse because our numbers are worse than that. The population explosion in Britain since Tony Blair came to power is 6 million. But it hasn't really happened in Scotland and in Wales, it's mostly only in England, so we have to talk specifically about England here. In England we only have 45 million whites and we have 11 million non-whites, and again we have to look at the fact that only 10 percent of that is aged under 16 on the white European side; and on the non-white side we're looking again at figures of 30 percent aged under 16. So if you look at those figures we see that we today have under the age of 16 4.5 million whites in England and 3.3 million non-whites.

If you want to see this in reality, just go to any of our cities and look at the school playgrounds; you barely see a white face any more. And when you project these figures forward – because again we are declining by 25 percent a generation – we go from 4.5 million to 3.4 million to 2.5 million within 2 generations. Whereas they will go from 3.3 million to 6.6 million to 13 million within 2 generations. So we are massively outnumbered, by 2050 we are massively outnumbered in the younger age group, the age group that can go on to have more children, and the age group that can, if push comes to shove, actually fight in a war.

Let's just assume that we are – you know, these things are not going to be quite as bad as they seem because as the money starts to run out and it becomes impossible to support the housing benefit and the (yada yada) for all of these people, it will not go as fast as that. But it is going to happen, within the next 2 generations we will be an ethnic minority; how much of a minority depends to be seen.

But the important thing to remember is, what is it going to be like for us living as a white ethnic minority in England? Well, it's not going to be very nice. … First of all, let's look at it economically. According to the Equalities Commission, 50 percent of black males are unemployed, 50 percent of Muslim males are unemployed, 75 percent of Muslim females are unemployed. The ones that do work do not work on very high salaries, but they do have very large families so they do therefore get housing benefit and welfare. Now, the money has already run out for this; we are already bankrupt, we have soaring welfare bills, soaring housing bills, we can't afford it. So economically, when these people are in a majority, economically the country is finished.

But take it further than economically: what's it going to be like for us physically, living as a white minority? And I'm not talking about ambiguous people here, I'm talking literally about your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren, because they are going to have to live as an ethnic minority within England. So what is it going to be like for them?

Well, let's look at a country like South Africa, where whites are a minority. There are 40 thousand white farmers in South Africa, and since the end of Apartheid 4 thousand of them have been killed, 10 percent have been killed in horrible, horrible circumstances which I won't go into here. That is potentially our future as whites.

If you look at our future as Christians – or non-Christians or post-Christians, or just the fact that we're not Muslims – what's it going to be like living in a Muslim-dominated society, where 40 percent of Muslims want sharia law? I know that's not an outright majority, but the fact remains that the 40 percent that do are fanatics, and fanatics always control the moderates, it's just a fact of life. So we will have sharia law before 2050 in this country. And if you want to actually visualise what that will be like, you have to look at the genocide that is being conducted against non-Muslims in somewhere like the Sudan; you have to look at what happened in the Lebanon in the 1970s, when there was a civil war between the Christians and the Muslims, and it was a horrific civil war that left 33 percent of the population with lifelong injuries. (Islam won, by the way.)

So we have a horrible, horrible future ahead of us if we don't do something. So what do we do? What do we actually do about this? How do we ensure that your children are not going to be living in a society that is economically utterly bankrupt or, even worse, is going to be embroiled in some inter-religious civil war – that we could actually win in 10 or 15 years' time, but 30 or 40 years' time, because of this demographic boom in their population and the slump in ours, we won't win it, we will be massively outnumbered and we won't win it.

Anybody that thinks that Islam is going to quietly allow us to keep on going the way we are as a democracy, and a Christian democracy and a liberal democracy, is living on Cloud Cuckoo Land I'm afraid – it's not going to happen. Islam has never peacefully coexisted with any race or religion in its life. It has always [sought] to dominate, and it always will, that's what it says in the Koran, and that's what they believe.

So what do we do about this? Well, what we have to do about it is not very nice, unfortunately. But then the situation is not very nice.

Liberty GB, my political party, has always maintained that we are cultural nationalists, i.e., that it doesn't matter about the race and the colour, the only thing that matters is that people absorb our tradition and history and ideology and live as we do. But that's not going to happen because of this wonderful edict of multiculturalism, which promotes separate development; and it's worked very well, they have developed separately, we now have Muslim ghettos all across this country. So it's not going to work, cultural nationalism is not going to work, which is a great shame because at one stage it perhaps could have done. But the numbers are now so great we now have to look at the only viable option on the table, which is to remove Islam from Britain. And in Europe, if you want to survive as well, you need to remove Islam from Europe.

When 40 percent want sharia law and when 33 percent believe that killing in the name of Islam is permissible, then you only have that option. Unless you want civil war and carnage in the future, Islam has to be removed from Europe, from Britain, from England; and this is now the position that Liberty GB is taking.

Yes, it's horrible. But think about just how horrible it's going to be if we don't do this. And is it really such a bad thing that Pakistani Muslims are required to go and live in Pakistan? And is it really such a bad thing that Somali Muslims are requested to live in Somalia? It's not such a bad thing at all. What is a dreadful, awful thing to happen is for the white English to be reduced to a minority in their own country – which is something that they were never asked about – in the face of people who are implacably hostile to us. This is, I believe, – and this is something the Left wants to happen, this is what they [are] deliberately engineering – I believe this is the greatest racial crime that has ever been committed in the history of mankind. And asking people to go back to their own countries as an alternative to fulfilling this racial crime of reducing us – the indigenous us – to a minority in our own country … there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking people to go home. There is absolutely everything wrong with doing this awful racial crime to the white English.

If you think that I'm correct in this, and if you believe the figures – you can look at the figures, you can look at all sorts of things – if you believe I'm correct then do please consider joining Liberty GB, or even donating to Liberty GB – because we will be fighting the 2014 EU elections next year and the General Election in 2015 – so please, for the sake of your children and your grandchildren, who are quite literally facing an appalling future – for the sake of them, do please join Liberty GB and do please support us.

Thank you.


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