Paul Weston in Stoke: "Is Britain Sustainable?"

On Saturday 20th July 2013, Liberty GB leader Paul Weston spoke at the Party's public meeting in Stoke on Trent. Here is the video recording of that speech. (The full transcript will follow shortly.)



Everybody thinks we won the Second World War. We beat Hitler, but we didn't beat Joseph Stalin. The communists effectively won the Second World War in Europe. Then after 1945, Russia didn't let go the country that we went to war for – we went to war on behalf of Poland. The communists took Poland, they took Czechoslovakia, they took Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, they gobbled all of that up and they used their military might to do it. But they couldn't get as far as France, they couldn't get as far as us.

So what they did, they set out to subvert every Western country that they could not militarily take over. And this led to the Frankfurt School. I don't know if you've all heard of the Frankfurt School, but the idea there was to declare war against the culture of Western Europe, and in our case it was a Christian, capitalist culture. The 1960s, 1970s saw students all across the campuses in America and all across Western Europe, and one of their slogans that came from a Frankfurt School guy called Herbert Marcuse was, “Hey hey, ho ho, Western civ” – civilisation – “has got to go.” And they declared war on us, cultural Marxism war against us. And it's been incredibly successful. This is where political correctness comes from. Political correctness is not some sort of fluffy little ideal about people being nice to each other, political correctness is a war against white, Christian, heterosexual, capitalist males, because that is what needed to be defeated by the communists.

I'm going to get on to the whole immigration side of that a little bit later on, but in order to destroy us, they first had to take away our capitalist side, which is why the unions in the '70s and the '80s were chock-full of communists. Jack Jones, who was the TGWU guy, was apparently taking his orders from Moscow, he was being debriefed by Oleg Gordievsky, I think his name was, who came out and said just recently. So they took over the unions.

Think what we used to have. We should be today like Germany. We're much the same people, we're Anglo-Saxon, we're inventive, we had ship building, we had car manufacturing – these were hugely important to us, and the communists infiltrated the trade unions and they destroyed our industry, basically by strike, strike, strike, and eventually the whole lot just fell apart. This didn't happen in Germany, which is why Germany is economically successful today and we are not – we're not a basket case yet, but we are not successful in the way that Germany is. So our manufacturing economy was effectively destroyed by cultural Marxism, and when Margaret Thatcher came in and took on the unions – specifically Arthur Scargill and the NUM – she didn't defeat the entire union, she defeated Arthur Scargill, but what she did after that was a tremendous mistake. She said, look, we're not going to be a manufacturing country any more, we're going to be a service industry country. Now, to be a service industry country you need to have educated people. If you're not going to go into the factories and do these sort of jobs any more, then you need to have – if you're a country that survives on shuffling bits of paper –, you need to have an educated base coming up through the schools. So the hard Left got into the education system, got into the whole teacher training college, got into all the local education authorities, and they worked very hard to effectively destroy our education.

When I was at school, politics was never mentioned, there was no politics when I was at school. Schools now are all about politics, it's all about politically correct values, and they put this at the forefront of what they do in schools. Forget about learning how to read and write and spell and add up, the most important thing is to have the correct PC ideology. Also, doing that – again, when I was at school five percent of people from my era went on to university, because in those days universities were actually centres of excellence. Now it's fifty percent, and of course the whole thing has been dumbed down to get that fifty percent intake in. And we can't compete any more with our degrees, which are almost worthless now. China is on the up. China is apparently a communist country, but China takes education very seriously, because the next generation is extremely important. And one of the things … I'm going to get on to the whole racial side of education as well, but back in the 1980s there was a headmaster at a school in Bradford that was a majority Muslim Pakistani school, and he was hounded out of his job because he said, look, I want the children from this school to be able to integrate into British society, so I don't want them being taught in Urdu because if they all speak Urdu they will never get a job in Britain. And he said, I don't want them going to Pakistan for three months of the year – which is what was happening – because that is three months out of their educational curriculum. If you were a white British, you would be in trouble, your parents would be called in, you're playing truant, but apparently three months in Pakistan is no problem. So, because he tried to the best for the Pakistani Muslim children in his school, he was accused of being a racist and he was hounded out of the teaching profession, completely broken, and never went back to teaching again.

One of the people who was instrumental in driving him out was a guy called Professor Chris Mullard; he's a black guy, he's a Black Power guy, and he's a Marxist. And he said – I'm not going to quote it exactly, but roughly what he said was, talking about blacks particularly, he said – we don't want to give them a good education, what we want is for them to be angry, disaffected, unemployable and rioting on the streets, because only then are we going to see racial equality in this country, we will do it via rioting in the streets.

Now you'd have thought, between headmaster Ray Honeyford and Professor Chris Mullard, in Britain, that one of them would be persona non grata, and it should obviously be Professor Chris Mullard. But it's not like that in Britain. Honeyford was sacked, Professor Mullard is extremely influential in UNESCO – all to do with education, the United Nations UNESCO –, he's even been knighted for services to education in this country.

Going back again to Is Britain Sustainable? – our education system is no longer sustainable in this country, we can't produce the sort of people we need who are going to go on there and paper shuffle.

I've made a little brief note on here that Christine Blowers – Blowers or Blower – is General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers. This is the biggest union, teachers' union, in the country, more than half the teachers are all members of this union. Christine Blowers is also vice-chair of Unite Against Fascism. Everybody knows what Unite Against Fascism is: it is a totalitarian fascist boot-boy movement that relies on violence and intimidation. And here you have the most important woman in education in this country, not just a member of it, she's a proud vice-chair of it; and nothing is said about this because the Left now control pretty much everything.

Moving on to immigration, this is another side of it that the hard Left used to break down our culture, break down our society, break down our people, because again we have that terrible mistake of being a Christian capitalist country, which they didn't want, they wanted us to become communist. And when people talk about racism and immigration – none of us dislike immigrants, but what we do understand is that these immigrants are just pawns of the hard Left, they're using them deliberately to break down the culture of the country, and eventually to eliminate the people of the country. This is the hatred that the Left have for traditional Britain and the people that live here. All they want to do, and all they have wanted to do since the 1930s, is to bring about a communist society in this country, and they need to break it down, they need to create social disorder, anarchy, rioting, and only then will they come to power. They used to think that the working class would bring communism to this country. But after the Second World War the working class became more affluent, and they were never going to do the job for the Left that the Left wanted them to do; which is why immigration is such a huge thing for the Left. And not in a communist country. If you go to countries that were communist like Czechoslovakia and Poland, because they've had their communist revolution they didn't need immigrant pawns to destabilise it to bring about the revolution because they had already done it. Only in western countries did they bring in mass immigration, only in western countries – they didn't do it at all in communist countries –, and they only did it to break us down.

Who knows how many people are here now? We're told there are 62 million in this country. The supermarket bosses reckon there are 80 million people here, based on food production. And when I look at the Border Agency in this country, who've admitted they haven't got the faintest idea who's here or the faintest idea of how many indigenous Brits have left and gone to Canada and Australia – they have no idea. Whereas supermarket chiefs' minute detail on their little spreadsheets about how much food they sell, and if they say there are 80 million people here I would be more inclined to believe them than the UK Border Agency.

So let's assume there are 80 million people here. What would the country be like, would it be sustainable? Well, we are already seeing that it is unsustainable. We need to build seven million new houses. Where are we going to build seven million new houses? We're going to build them on the Green Belt. We need to build hundreds of hospitals. All of this fuss recently about the NHS, you know the reason the NHS is on its knees is because we are the international health service; there are simply too many people using its facilities. And it was never designed for that, it was designed for us.

So hospitals, schools, two thousand new schools need to be built. It costs a lot of money to build one school, it costs millions of pounds to build one school. If you look at all of these houses, hospitals and schools, it's going to cost billions and billions of pounds, and we haven't got any money left. We're bankrupt. Our economy still works, we still manufacture to a certain extent, but our economy is split into two different spheres: we've got the manufacturing economy, and then we've got the government economy. And the government economy is completely bankrupt. If you watch the BBC news about all this dreadful austerity that that Cameron creature is getting involved in, there is no real austerity. When they came in they inherited a 700 billion pound debt, national debt, from the Labour government. When they go out, if they go out in 2015, the Conservatives will have doubled that debt to 1.5 trillion. This works out to 75, 80 thousand pounds per taxpayer. This money is never going to be paid back, ever, it's impossible.

So this is what immigration has brought us, because an awful lot of this stuff is going out on housing benefit and translators – there's a huge industry built around immigration. Trying to deport them … you know, we've got half a million illegal immigrants, apparently they are successfully deporting one out of every hundred. But even then they come straight back in again. And the huge cost involved in this, and the cost of legal aid and lawyers and appeals and appeal judges and the European Court of Human Rights, it goes on and on and on. And we're bankrupt.

So effectively, although we are not completely finished today in 2013, if you fast forward to 2030, 2040, we're going to have more immigrants, we're going to have more pressures, we're going to have more people needing all the services that we have. And we are dwindling as the British people: 25 percent per generation we are declining by. And everyone says, oh look, you're 80 percent of the population, what;'s the problem? Well, the problem is that if 80 percent of the population only have one child each, and 20 percent of the population have four, five, six children each, it only takes one generation to completely transform the demographic makeup of the country amongst the young; and let's face it, the young are really the only important people, because that is the future of the country. You go forward two generations and we are a complete minority. The fastest growing demographic is Islam, and we've all seen what Islam is like: we know that it's not peaceful, we know that it's supremacist, we know everything about it now. That is going to be our future, so our future will be Syria, it will be Egypt, it will be Sudan, it will be Somalia, that is the direction that we're going in.

So, to finish on the starting - Is Britain Sustainable? - educationally, we're unsustainable, economically we're unsustainable, racially we're unsustainable and culturally we're unsustainable. In order to fix that requires huge amounts of endeavour and sacrifice, and no mainstream politician today is going to do that, because all they care about – they don't care about 2030, or 2050 or their children's children –, what they care about is the next election in three years' time, and they are never going to deal with these issues because these issues are simply too big for them to deal with.

Which means that the hard Left and their cultural revolution, their long march through the institutions, they have won. If we want to beat them, if we want to turn this around, we're not going to do it unless we become counter-revolutionary, and I want to think that Liberty GB is not just a political party, it is a counter-revolutionary party, and we need to take this fight to the Left.

Just to give you an example: supposing David Cameron said, yeah we're going to sort out education, we want … you know, 50 percent of universities have to provide remedial reading and writing, for people going to university, this is insane. Now if you want to actually educate our children properly today, you need to take on Christine Blowers at the NUT and all of her mates at the UAF. They're going to throw bricks and bottles at you. David Cameron is never going to sort out the NUT, he's never going to sort out education. The only way you're going to do it is you come to power first of all, please God, you come to power and then you approach Christine Blower and the NUT and you say, right, every single one of you top people here, quite frankly, is guilty of child abuse. You have deliberately destroyed the life chances of several generations of children in this country, we're going to lock you up, we're going to try you and lock you up, but what we are certainly going to do, we're going to sack every single one of you, and we are going to bring in a new regime, a new ideology, to put it right. That is a huge, monumental task, and as I say, David Cameron, for all of his talk about making education better, is never going to do it, they won't do it about immigration, they won't do it about our culture, they won't do it about the economy, they won't do it about anything, because the task is simply too big. It really would take a counter-revolution, and Liberty GB is a genuine counter-revolutionary party.

Thank you.


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