PAUL WESTON VIDEO: Sarah Champion, Naz Shah and Evil

PAUL WESTON VIDEO: Sarah Champion, Naz Shah and Evil



There was a nauseating article in The Spectator recently, written by a young, half-witted liberal who tried to explain, in cloying terms, just why Conservatives were nasty, wicked, racist planet murderers whilst the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn was sugar and spice and all things nice.

I'm not sure he is entirely correct here, witness the recent behaviour of those cuddly left-liberals with regard to two female Labour MPs, Sarah Champion and Naz Shah.

Sarah Champion is the MP for Rotherham and was, up until a few days ago, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities and Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse. She has lost both these roles, rather ironically, for speaking out about preventing abuse, particularly that of young, vulnerable native English girls who were and still are being gang-raped in Rotherham.

Her glaring error was to suggest the gang-rapists were mainly of Pakistani heritage, which of course makes her a racist in the morally depraved Britain of 2017, and so she was forced out of office by kind, cuddly Jeremy Corbyn, to be replaced by someone who will not mention what needs to mentioned if the job title of Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse is to mean anything at all in terms of morality, decency and honesty.

Contrast the treatment of Sarah Champion with the altogether different treatment of Naz Shah MP, a woman of Pakistani heritage who has said nothing about the gang-rape of English girls, but a great deal about Jews and Israel, in the usual manner of Jew-hating Muslim members of Britain's government.

Ms Shah took her political oath of office on the Koran, in the usual manner of English-hating Muslim members of Britain's government, and was most upset about Sarah Champion noticing the gang-rapists were mainly Pakistani gang-rapists, and described her views as incendiary and irresponsible.

Ms Shah then went even further when she liked and re-tweeted a tweet stating the little girls raped in Rotherham should shut their mouths for the sake of diversity, which is pretty much in line with those of Denis McShane, the Labour MP for Rotherham before Sarah Champion, who boasted that he was well aware of the gang-rape of vulnerable English girls by Pakistani males, but kept his mouth shut because, quote, "I didn’t want to rock the multicultural boat"... just as the cuddly Naz Shah recommends we should all do as well. But Naz Shah, who would, in a moral and decent political party, be sacked immediately, has not been sacked. Only Sarah Champion has been sacked.

So there you have it, a native English MP who tells the truth about Pakistani gang-rapists raping little English girls gets the sack, whilst a Pakistani MP with an unsavoury Jew-hating past keeps her job despite effectively stating little English girls should accept their gang-rape as part and parcel of celebrating the cultural enrichment of Britain by third-world savages.

This is where we are now in Britain, which is a tragedy our dead forefathers would simply refuse to believe possible.

One imagines the reason behind this is simply because the kind, cuddly Labour party has given up on the native vote now, and is fanatically intent on pursuing the ethnic vote, no matter how obscenely, immorally and disgustingly this forces them to behave. If the half-witted liberal who wrote the Spectator article about the loveliness of left-liberal Labour and the wickedness of the conservative right would ever like to have a public debate with me, do please let me know.

Because I think you and all your fellow left-liberals are obscene.