Peace, Love and Togetherness

A new, twenty-first century religion sweeps America: Peace, Love and Togetherness, or PLT for short. Though PLT members are mainly white, they have a diverse racial background and membership clearly has nothing to do with skin colour. Its scriptures are noted for their beauty and for being especially full of messages of harmony and love, and 99.9% of its members are peaceful. However, one line in its scriptures encourages occasional, random murder of non-believers or those who oppose the expansion of the religion. The scripture makes it clear this is to be done for the good of humanity, so that Peace, Love and Togetherness spreads around the globe. Furthermore, the scriptures promise that God will bestow the greatest honour of all on those who sacrifice their lives in order to further PLT.

Fortunately, almost all PLT members choose to ignore or disown this controversial line about murdering non believers - yet a minority carry out the horrific murders as instructed by the scripture. Unsurprisingly, members of this new religion are quickly banned from entering Britain.

It turns out that there are also passages in the scriptures that encourage members to spread the religion through migration, to have as many children as possible, with the aim of eventually establishing a PLT dictator in whatever country accepts them as migrants.

PLT leaders react in indignation to the ban on entering Britain, pointing out how almost all of their members are peace-loving and how the vast majority of their scriptures are full of the message of love and harmony. They publicly disown the controversial passage about murder. They point out that only a tiny minority of its members take the instruction to kill literally, and that The Bible contains many barbaric instructions inciting violence, also how God drowned all non-believers at the time of Noah.

In reaction to the ban, left-wing liberals say the government should not discriminate against any people on the grounds of religious faith. They point out how 99.9% of PLT members are peaceful and do wonderful deeds for their communities.They compare anyone who is brave enough to say there is a special case for discriminating against PLT to Adolf Hitler - reminding us how he discriminated against Jews. They accuse the government of being hypocritical and racist. They cite violent passages from the Bible and Koran. We should be ashamed and encourage immigrants in order to atone for the past crimes of colonialism.

Eventually, the government caves in - in the name of multiculturalism - and millions of PLT members emigrate to Europe. This, despite the fact that opinion polls consistently show the public is opposed to such immigration. It soon becomes obvious that PLT is, ironically, an extremely monocultural religion, members keeping to themselves and mostly not integrating.

PLT insists on having its own schools. Hundreds of PLT temples, with their distinctive purple colour and conical shape begin to appear all over London. Indigenous communities are displaced from towns and suburbs. By 2011 the indigenous people of London become a minority in their own capital city. PLT teachers and police officers are permitted to wear the strange, conical, purple PLT hats. They soon begin to demand separate laws and courts for members of the religion - which are increasingly granted - even though these laws restrict the human rights of women and homosexuals.

Despite all this, a small minority of PLT members become our friends and work colleagues. We are reassured how they clearly share our values and support of human rights. Some PLT members go on to become MPs and TV news presenters.

But the darker side soon raises its head. As PLT numbers steadily increase, murders and rapes begin to be carried out against non-PLT members, per the scriptures, paving the way for an eventual PLT takeover. Each time people are ripped to pieces by PLT bombs the public sing peace songs and lay down flowers in defiance. PLT leaders join in with the condemnation of the murders and appear to be as outraged as everyone else.

The murders increase all over Europe. European countries with no PLT immigrants suffer no attacks. Naturally, there is an increasing reaction against PLT, but there is a strong call to protect the feelings of the 99.9% peaceful members of the religion, so, a special law is created that makes criticism of PLT a crime - a hate crime. A journalist in Germany calls PLT a "fascist ideology" and is sent to prison. After every PLT atrocity, the news media focus sympathetically on the PLT community (who claim they are being victimised) rather than looking at the obvious root cause of the mass murder and rape. PLT Members of Parliament and media label the growing backlash against PLT as "right-wing" or "fascist", often speaking of it as if somehow it were the main problem.

Out of political correctness the BBC begins to omit the phrase PLT in news bulletins. It refers to PLT terrorists as simply "terrorists" and radicalised PLT members as "radicalised individuals".

Initially, politicians are in denial (after all, they are the very same people who were on record as encouraging PLT immigration, saying it was a good thing and would enrich the community). Politicians of all parties are also now afraid of losing the crucial support of PLT voters - especially in London. Radical PLT preachers continue to be allowed their liberty because of the politically correct pacifist view that introducing internment would divide the country and become a recruiting ground for more radical PLT. However things change as the murders steadily increase in number and severity. Eventually, under pressure from minority parties, the appeasing government eventually caves in to pressure and accepts that completely banning PLT is the only answer and admit that this does not amount to racism after all. They are forced to accept that encouraging them had been politically correct and naive.

The religion is banned. No one is deported. Instead, PLT members are told that if they wish to continue practicing the religion they are free to go abroad to one of the many countries where PLT is welcomed, where they will be amongst like-minded people in a like-minded culture. But by this time it is too late: millions of PLT members now live here. On being banned the radical arm of the PLT expands rapidly. There is an organised uprising and civil unrest. PLT numbers are now so high that civil war ensues. This takes the media - and therefore the people - as much by surprise as did the ethnically-fueled civil wars in former Yugoslavia.

Other European countries find themselves in the same situation. Suddenly, Europe wakes up to the fact that PLT is a far more dangerous and formidable opponent than were the Nazis or communists. A fascist, expansionist ideology with beliefs from the dark ages has been welcomed in like a Trojan Horse.


Islam is a much more extreme religion than PLT. Islamic scriptures such as the Koran clearly incite expansionism and believers are encouraged to lie and commit murder so long as it expands Islam. The greatest honour in the afterlife is bestowed on those who do so.

Top picture: In the Time of Harmony, 1893-95, Paul Signac.