Perfect Day? A Day without Immigrants

Imagine my elation when I first read the headline, "One day without migrants"!

What joy! To be free of the invading hordes for 24 blissful, magical hours! Can you imagine a more perfect day?

• No more ghettos; Britain (temporarily) restored to the British.

• No more Pakistani Muslim rape gangs.

• No more potential terrorists gathering in UK mosques.

• No more black and brown thugs targeting white British people for attack.

• No more 'equality and diversity' officers.

• No more Orwellian 'hate crime' arrests; free speech restored!

• No more Prevent, no more public millions spent on keeping ethnic criminals in check.

• No more minority quangos. (Think of the money saved!)

• No more dumb-arsed immigrants promoted (for ideological reasons) over the heads of better qualified British workers.

• No more gangs of feral ethnic youths shooting, stabbing and dealing drugs.

• No more publicly subsidised homes occupied by foreigners; British families and veterans to the front of the housing queues.

• No more buses full of gabbling, incomprehensible intruders.

• No more high streets full of shops with unintelligible names.

• No more East European gysies fighting and shitting in people's gardens.

• No more foreign beggars.

Can you imagine such a paradise, even for a day!


Oh no... I misunderstood. It's not a day without immigrants; it's an immigrant protest and strike, backed by far-left groups including Hope Not Hate.

This from the official website:

1 Day Without Us is a National Day of Action on 20th Feb 2017 to celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK, to coincide with UN World Day of Social Justice.

For 24 hours, we are inviting migrants from inside and outside the European Union, and everyone who supports them, to celebrate the contribution that migrants make.

Some may choose to do this symbolically, by wearing badges and lanyards... Some may prefer a march or a rally. Others may decide to stop work or leave their classes for ten minutes or an hour or the whole day.

Their purpose in withdrawing labour is, I gather, to show us how indispensable immigrants are, how Britain would collapse without them.

Some responses:

(i) We managed pretty well before immigrants arrived en masse; in fact Britain was in many ways a better, more agreeable place without them.

(ii) Much, if not all of the demand for immigrant labour is created by other immigrants, especially the freeloading hordes who use our schools, hospitals and public services without putting anything back. If we were to deport all immigrants (I have a dream!), how much demand would there still be?

(iii) What should we conclude if the country doesn't actually grind to a halt on 20th February?


We've been deferring this for a long time, but no longer can we withhold the facts, the facts of life that every immigrant should know:

• You have been cruelly misinformed about your status here.

• The authorities tell you that we, the native British people, wanted you here, but that is incorrect. Most British people never wanted large numbers of immigrants and still don't.

• You were invited here by corrupt politicians, for corrupt reasons of their own. Thank them, not us, for your passports, free homes and healthcare.

• The British have lost much through mass immigration. We have lost territory, we have lost political and administrative power, and - due to burgeoning 'hate speech' laws - are losing that most priceless gift of all, free speech - the freedom to think what you want and say what you think.

• Most British people do not 'celebrate diversity'. That is hated government propaganda, not a natural expression of the people.

• We put up with fast-breeding interlopers not out of love and respect, but out of reserve and politeness.

• The places where you now live were not empty before you arrived. There were long-standing British communities there. Do you ever think of the people you displaced, the communities wiped off the map by mass immigration?

• You have no moral claim of ownership to this country, or any part of it. It belongs, and will always belong, to the descendants of those who settled it, created its cultures and institutions, built its prosperity and (at immeasurable cost) defended its freedoms.

• The legendary tolerance of the British is not unbreakable, and may be closer to breaking point than you think.

We would therefore advise caution in future when conceiving actions that might antagonise and provoke the long-suffering British.


Top picture: Bathers at Asnières, 1884, Georges Seurat.