Post-Colognial Crisis

"Taharrush jamai is the circle of hell." - Women in Egypt

Until January 5th 2016, which was when the German authorities, police and press belatedly and reluctantly released the news of the New Year's Eve Muslim mass grope, Cologne was best known for the distinctive fragrance launched there in 1709. Now all of Western Europe reeks of odour Cologne.

How to account for this stench? Have West Europeans lost vital genetic codes affecting their feeling for self-preservation?

In that Cologne square on that horrid night ethical codes embedded in us on a genetic level did not work. The police were powerless. Too few and unprepared, they were used to handling individual drunks, and that was what they thought that night's work would be. None had ever heard of gangs of youths encircling and then groping women at a large public gathering. But German men far outnumbered the foreign assailants. Why did they not go to the aid of their womenfolk? Have West European males become so effete they no longer act like men? Has the craze for gender fluidity emasculated them? A great number of strong healthy men, having heard the girls screaming and crying, and having seen the crimes being committed, did nothing to help them. A few of the girls were defended by settlers from Eastern Europe.

And afterwards, we could expect that women, having learned about the abuse of girls, would be furious, since there is an instinct in every normal woman to protect girls from harassment or rape. But again, genetic codes did not work. We heard women blaming the victims and defending the assailants. Henriette Reker, the mayoress of Cologne, claimed girls always had the option of keeping men at arm's length, while Claudia Roth from the Green Party said there was an internet campaign "calling for a hunt on non-white people". Many female journalists concealed the truth because the assailants were 'refugees'. We did not hear from feminists, neither in Germany nor elsewhere in Europe, not even in our land, where a million indigenous girls have been Muslims' "easy meat".

Sexual violence has greatly increased throughout Germany since the horde of Muslim settlers arrived, their crimes ignored or downplayed to avoid fuelling Islamophobia. As in our land, these crimes are only every reported locally, never nationally, so no one can ever see the full picture.

The head of the German police union said, "Every police officer knows he has to meet a particular political expectation. It is better to keep quiet [about Muslim crime]."

The Gatestone Institute website catalogued some of the sexual assaults committed by Muslims across Germany in just the first two months of 2016 alone, detailing 172 of them. The details were usually horrific, extremely disturbing. By early April more than 800 complaints of sexual harassment had been made to German police, prompting a train operator to announce new women and children-only carriages. The Mirror reported that a spokesman for Regiobahn said the company would position these carriages next to the train conductor to increase security for women and children.

And the British army was investigating claims that the wives and daughters of UK soldiers were being attacked by Muslim settlers in Germany after a spate of incidents.

Military police confirmed a number of incidents involving migrants who had been settled in and around the small town of Paderborn, which has been used as a base by the British army since the Second World War. Six thousand settlers had arrived near the base in recent months.

Among the reports were claims of hoax calls to the base, threats to women walking dogs late at night and assaults in Paderborn. Women living in the barracks spoke about their fears of attacks. One said the reports had sparked concern among her friends, telling Forces TV that they were now careful, that when they went on a night out they stayed together, needed to plan ahead and not drink as much.

In February 2016 two 11-year-old girls swimming in the water park of Celle, a town north-east of Hannover, were sexually assaulted by a gang of refugees aged from 16 to 22. Three men accosted them and then surrounded them, and then two other men molested them. The girls were crying. As in Cologne, no one came to their rescue. They were finally able to escape and ran to the life guards, who called the police, who said that such assaults were happening every day but that they were under orders not to make them public.

This assault only came to light because the father of one of the girls wrote to Angela Merkel. "Can you imagine, Frau Merkel, how I feel as a father?" he asked.

One other case that did get reported was the rape of two girls, aged 14 and 17, at a Munich swimming pool by three asylum seekers - two Afghans and a man claiming to be Syrian.

West European politicians, backed by most journalists, unanimously denied there was a problem. "Sexual harassment is not automatically binding to migration and immigration," said Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos. But according to a report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention as long ago as 1996, the highest rates of rape convictions were of men from North Africa and Iraq, who were convicted of rape at rates of 17.5 times higher than the indigenous Swedish rate.

An article in Sweden's most popular tabloid, Aftonbladet, argued that it was racist to point out that the perpetrators in Cologne had been described as North African or Arab, since German men carry out sexual assaults during Munich's famous annual Oktoberfest, ignoring the obvious fact that these assaults are committed by individual drunks on the spur of the moment, not by organised gangs who had arranged it all beforehand.

Another Aftonbladet article said that reporting on the Cologne attacks was bowing to right-wing extremism. In that week, Swedes were repeatedly told that the real issue was men, not any particular culture, that Swedish men were no better.

Then Sweden's own stories began to emerge. During music festivals, large groups of young men harassed girls sexually. It began in 2014 and also went on during subsequent festivals. According to police reports the groups were "so-called refugee youths primarily from Afghanistan". One of the victims was 12 years old.

Ivar Arpi, an editorial page writer for Svenska Dagbladet, wrote in The Spectator on January 16th 2016,

The police claimed that there were 'relatively few crimes and arrests considering the number of participants'. Internal reports told a different story. The police were shocked enough by the harassment to try to come up with a strategy to handle the groups of molesters at the festivals - a strategy that was evidently unsuccessful. The trouble was that they were trying to deal with a problem but would not speak its name. As Peter Ågren, police chief in central Stockholm, put it: 'Sometimes we do not dare to say how things really are because we believe it will play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.' As we now know, police officers in Stockholm are instructed not to reveal the ethnicity or nationality of any suspects lest they be accused of racism.

The Sweden Democrats are the anti-immigration populist force in Sweden - no longer a fringe element but the third-largest party after the election of 2014. Opinion polls suggest they are growing ever stronger. They are reviled by all other parties, who try to fight them by rejecting their every claim as baseless. As a result, immigration cannot be discussed frankly in Sweden. If you mention anything negative about refugees or immigration, you're accused of playing into the hands of the reviled far-right. Even legitimate concerns are silenced or labelled xenophobic. The recent migration crisis has changed this only slightly.

When a country cannot hold honest debates, there are consequences. Take Roger Ticoalu, director of events at Stockholm City Council. He said he had been utterly unaware of the risk of such attacks: 'It was a modus operandi that we had never seen before: large groups of young men who surround girls and molest them.'

Arpi added, "Before Dan Eliasson became Sweden's national police commissioner, he tweeted that he 'vomited' when he saw Jimmie Åkesson, party leader of the Sweden Democrats, on television. To what degree were his personal political views imprinted on the Swedish police? Were the officers who covered up the sexual harassments responding to signals from Eliasson? Did they think that making a fuss about immigrant crime was a bad career move, and did that stop them doing their duty?" He noted that Swedes were trying to figure out what exactly had been going on.

Reports emerged of taharrush jamai, Arabic for collective harassment, being committed in Malmö on New Year's Eve. According to police reports, hundreds of youths from Afghanistan had roamed around and surrounded young women and harassed them.

Similar incidents were being reported from other towns.

Meanwhile, Finnish authorities were handling reports of organised sexual harassment perpetrated by Iraqi settlers.

Arpi concluded, "We Swedes pride ourselves on our unrivalled record on respecting women's rights. But when women's rights conflict with the goal of accommodating other cultures, it's almost always women who are pushed to the side. This week, the chattering classes in Sweden will be worrying about how this story plays into the hands of the Sweden Democrats. But events have moved beyond that. The truth may be painful. Yet, as we have seen, concealing the truth is worse."

A culture that has its own phrase for sexual assaults by organised gangs of men has to be viewed as a threat for that alone, apart from all the other charming practices it introduces.

Many of those committing sexual offences are grown men with false passports who are pretending to be children, since children get better benefits and when they commit a crime receive a more lenient punishment and are less likely to be deported than adult settlers.

One Pakistani rapist claimed to be 17 despite a radiologist's opinion that his bone age was 22. The '15-year-old' Somalian who stabbed to death a Swedish social worker when she tried to break up a fight at a home for unaccompanied minors in Gothenburg was six feet tall and had a beard.

And female residents of the small northern Swedish town of Östersund were warned by police to stay indoors at night after the attempted rape of two ten-year-old girls at a bus stop, molestations, beatings and a dozen other attacks committed by men housed at a migrant shelter on the outskirts of the town.

The warning was widely criticised by representatives of the local government, who argued that females should not have to 'adapt' to abusers. Local government commissioner Ann-Sofie Andersson told Sveriges Radio, "I am against the solution being to tell women and children to sit at home. That can never be the solution for us."

The danger of females being assaulted in the dark was so great that the town's annual Earth Hour, a worldwide environmental symbolic act in which municipal lights are turned off for 60 minutes, was cancelled.

Aftonbladet reported that groups of volunteers had joined police out on the streets at night in their patrols.

More rapes are now committed per capita in Sweden than any country in the world except Lesotho.

In another incident at a European adolescent migrant centre an Afghan migrant alleging to be 16 raped a catering worker at a Belgian centre - a fortnight after attending a course on how to treat Western women. He followed her down into the basement of the Red Cross centre in Menen, Flanders. The Red Cross confirmed he had attended a course on how to treat women. "Two weeks ago we gave a course about how to treat women in Flanders and the boy was present there," a spokeswoman said.

The leader of the Flemish anti-immigrant party Vlaams Belang said, "People who need a course on how to treat women should not be here in the first place."

One major Austrian terminus has become a no-go zone for women because of hordes of predatory Muslim settlers. Local women call the station "the terminus of fear". Linz station has become a gathering point for settlers rejected by Germany at the border a few miles away, drawn to the station's free internet, cheap drink, fast-food counters and heated passenger halls and waiting rooms as they calculate their next move.

Women are subjected to having their breasts and buttocks grabbed and the drunk men try to kiss them while slurring lewd sexual insults in pidgin German.

The men fight, fall down, vomit and defecate in the bushes outside the station entrance. One woman interviewed by the Daily Mail was too frightened to give her name but in terse sentences said, "Come here at night? I would rather order a taxi straight to hell. It is terrible. Fearful. I would say shameful. They are predators, they are drunk and they are all over the place. I hate what they have turned this into. I am not a Nazi, not a hater of people.

"But they have no right to behave the way they do in my city. How dare they make my station a place of fear."

Local authorities refused to identify the asylum seekers turning the concourse into a no-go zone for females at night. They are collectively referred to as North Africans, citizens of countries like Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco that are no longer considered danger zones.

The Linz problem was highlighted in a letter by a father of a girl to the local governor. He wrote,

My daughter is 16 and is terrified when she has to come through Linz train station in the evening. As a result, we have now arranged a travel group with other parents. My wife and I went to see it for ourselves. We travelled the same route that our daughter did and we found out that it was even worse than she described.

There was not a policeman in sight and in a country like Austria it cannot be the case that our children are scared going to and from college.

Two 16-year-old students, probably just like his daughter, named Damaris and Joanna, had a profound mistrust of the new arrivals, which seemed out of step with their youth and innocence. "Come down here at night? You must be joking!" said Joanna. "We have read too much in the papers and seen too much on the TV for that. We have heard how women have to be escorted on to trains, how migrants are raping people. I don't want that to happen to me."

Adult Muslim males regard non-Muslim women as sex objects, who they call whores. Coptic women in Egypt are constantly subjected to harassment just because they are Christians. The civil war in Lebanon took place partly because of the mass rape of Christian women by Palestinians.

And Christian women in such countries dress modestly and have the same skin hue as Muslim women - how much more provocative are European women with their free dress code and fair skin. And European women have no protection. Their menfolk, the state and journalists betray them.

Taharrush jamai is widespread in the Muslim Arab world (but not among non-Muslim Arabs). Sometimes the girls are simply teased; sometimes it escalates into rape. Five years ago, this form of attack was the subject of an award-winning Egyptian film, 678. Instances of young men surrounding and attacking girls were reported throughout the Arab Spring protests and celebrations in Cairo in 2011 and 2012.

Blonde South African reporter Lara Logan, working for CBS, was set upon by a large group of men while reporting on celebrations of the resignation of President Mubarak in Tahrir Square in 2011, the victim of a sustained and brutal sexual assault.

Logan recounted her ordeal on a 60 Minutes broadcast. She said, "Suddenly, before I even know what's happening, I feel hands grabbing my breasts, grabbing my crotch, grabbing me from behind. I mean, and it's not one person and then it stops, it's like one person and another person and another person."

She said the incident involved 200-300 men and lasted about 25 minutes. She had been reporting the celebrations for an hour without incident when her camera battery failed. One of the Egyptian CBS crew suggested they leave, telling her later he heard the crowd make inappropriate sexual comments about her. She felt hands touching her, and can be heard shouting "Stop!", just as the camera died. One of the crowd yelled that she was an Israeli, a Jew, a claim that CBS said, though false, was like putting a match to petrol.

She went on to say that they tore off her clothes and, in her words, raped her with their hands, while taking photographs with their mobiles. They began pulling her body in different directions, dragging her away from her TV crew, pulling her long blonde hair so hard she said it seemed they were trying to tear off chunks of her scalp. Believing she was going to be killed, she was dragged along the square to where the crowd was stopped by a fence, where some women were camping. One put her arms around Logan, and the others closed ranks around her, while men who were with the women threw water at the crowd. A group of 20 soldiers appeared, beat back the crowd with batons, and one of them carried Logan away on his shoulder. She was flown back to the US the next day, where she spent four days in hospital.

Logan has been in hospital four times since the attack, with complications resulting from it.

In taharrush jamai assaults, under the protective cover of large gatherings the initial assailants surround a woman while outer rings of men, waiting their turn, form to deter rescuers and to obscure the sight from passers-by. To add to the confusion the attackers may pretend to be rescuers. Women have reported being groped, stripped, beaten, bitten and painfully pinched as well as being raped and robbed. Taharrush jamai is an evil that has spread throughout the Muslim world and has now been imported into Europe. Authorities ought to be aware of it.

But they cannot be made aware, when any mention of the issue is discouraged. This leaves the police unprepared, and leaves the public feeling not just vulnerable but deceived. It does not take a conspiracy theorist to wonder how many more instances there have been where police have taken political considerations into account before disclosing information on sexual assaults. In Sweden, police investigations into crimes committed by refugees, including rape, are coded 291, which signals that the investigation should be kept out of the public domain.

All over Europe females are being urged to curtail their activities and change their habits so as not to provoke priapic Muslim men. And they are learning. Blondes are dyeing their hair auburn to seem less attractive to the swarthy aggressors.

Towns throughout Germany cancelled their 2016 annual carnival over fears of Cologne-style assaults on women. Carnival, in which much beer is drunk, is a German tradition dating back to medieval times. Those towns that did let their carnival go ahead paid the inevitable price, including Cologne itself. The number of Muslim sex attacks on revellers taking part in its Rose Monday carnival was 300% higher than in 2015.

Similar attacks also took place in other German towns, including Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Bielefeld, while in Berlin one assaulted girl said, "They grope in the most vile way." Some girls at the Berlin carnival were badly beaten as well. Ironically, this was at the capital's Carnival of Cultures - a street festival celebrating multi-culturalism!

Many German girls and women lacking male protection did not attend the 2016 festivities out of fear. A restaurant owner in a Kiel shopping mall said, "The moment they [Muslim male settlers] see a young woman wearing a skirt or any type of loose clothing, they believe they have a free pass." And because of widespread Muslim sex attacks at German swimming pools many pools have been forced to segregate men and women.

So, a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages in which alcohol is drunk is endangered; young women do not go out without being accompanied by a male relative, and when they do go out they dress discreetly; and segregation of the sexes has been introduced. The behaviour of aggressive Muslim men has ushered in the earliest stages of sharia law even before the Islamic hordes dominate Europe by sheer force of numbers.

In February 2016 The Economist reported that half the schoolchildren in Brussels were Muslims. The same situation prevails in Vienna. In Austria more Muslim babies are being born than indigenous children. Muslims are spreading like some fantastic self-repairing virus against which there is no antidote. Soon Europe will feel the full weight of sharia, ordained by imams and heralded by sex attacks.


The above is from David Abbott's book, Offensive Diatribes, published by Sparrow Books, 256 pages paperback. To buy Offensive Diatribes contact