Pros and Cons of Mass Immigration

Pros and Cons of Mass Immigration


More ethnic restaurants
Increased profits for landlords
Cheap labour for cost-cutting employers
Cheap domestic servants for the rich
More opportunities to experience foreign cultures (voluntarily or involuntarily)
... ?


Overcrowding on roads, in cities
Pressure on schools, hospitals and other public services
Growing inter-racial tension
Ethnic street gangs
Islamic terror attacks now and (probably) forever
Machine gun police in every town
Tens of thousands of potential jihadis roaming free
Tens of thousands of English girls raped or abused by Muslims
Erosion of British culture
Growing anti-white violence
Native British facing minority status within decades
Native British losing political power and influence
Likelihood of future civil conflict
Sharia law and repression of women
City neighbourhoods colonised by incomers
Long-standing English communities eradicated
'White flight' from the cities
Wages held down by cheap foreign labour
Rents and house prices forced sky-high by new demand
'Diversity and equality' actions penalising the native British
'Hate' legislation and erosion of free speech - fear of speaking openly
British people constantly accused of 'racism', 'Islamophobia'
Swathes of countryside - including green belt - concreted over
Native plant and animal species threatened due to loss of habitats
Increased pollution of land, air and sea

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