Sacrificed to Islam - A People Dying for Multiculturalism

A terrible week for Europe began in Nice on 14th July 2016 when 84 innocent people were mowed down by a truck driven by a devout Muslim jihadist. Next an Afghan carried out an axe attack on a train near Munich then in the same city, Ali Sonboli went on a shooting spree and killed nine people. Two days later, a Syrian migrant hacked to death a pregnant woman and if that wasn't enough for one week, another Syrian migrant attempted to self-detonate among a crowd of revellers at a festival in Ansbach, Germany.

The reaction to these atrocities shows that the people of the West are now being betrayed in plain view, there's not even the slightest attempt to cover it up anymore. Politicians and the duplicitous media have morphed from the "nothing to do with Islam, these acts are committed by evil people who distort peaceful Islam" canard to abandoning all sense of duty to their people.

After the jihad attack in Nice, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said French people must learn to live with terror. In fact all of Europe must learn to live with it. All because those who are supposed to serve and protect their people know they've caused an almighty problem and will therefore refuse to solve it. They are the ones who forcibly imposed multiculturalism on their people and imported Islam into the West.

Following the shooting spree in Munich, the mainstream media chose to test the credulity of their audience by insisting Ali Sonboli, who is of Iranian origin, was inspired by Anders Breivik and shared his hatred for immigrants. Before anything was known about Sonboli, the media were insisting his evil act must be connected to Breivik as the shootings occurred on the fifth anniversary of the massacre at Utoya, Norway. Yes, you read that right. An Iranian of immigrant stock can now be a white supremacist Nazi.

That Breivik wasn't part of any right-wing organisation didn't stop the media from repeating "right-wing terror threat" as often as it could. Nor does any right-wing political party support what Breivik did, nor do they encourage violence to achieve their political aims. But let's not spoil a good story demonizing white people and all right-wing political parties with the inconvenient truth.

Anders Breivik was a lone-wolf psychopath with delusions of grandeur who blamed and targeted socialists for what he believed to be their destruction of Norway with multiculturalism. He did not target immigrants, unlike Sonboli. Despite the claims, there is still no proven, direct connection from Sonboli to Breivik.

Such desperation to deny reality highlights the hypocrisy of the media. To protect the multicult experiment, they'll insist one man's act of terror proves the existence and threat of the right wing, whereas 28,000 acts of terror committed by Muslims since 9/11 are nothing to do with Islam, the religion that has nothing to do with itself.

How anyone can take the claim of an Iranian with dual nationality as a white supremacist seriously beggars belief. Those who do should be sectioned. But the absurd claims don't end there, the lies get even worse.

Following the attempted suicide bombing in Ansbach, Bavaria, the BBC said both the Afghan axe-attacker and the Syrian suicide bomber suffered from mental health issues. Isn't it odd how the vast majority of mental health patients don't commit suicide bombings or attack people with a machete whilst praising their deity? But let's ignore any clear connection to Islam and place the blame on mental illness. Perhaps Islam is a religion of psychopathy? Mustn't suggest that though, it's racist!

All of these dangerous denials constitute outright lying to the people to lull them into a false sense of security and to absolve the Left of any blame for these heinous attacks. It's not their multicultural project that's at fault, oh no. So the lengths politicians and the media are stooping to in order to protect and continue with the deconstruction of their nations are becoming increasingly ridiculous and desperate.

When people lie to you on this scale and with this degree of absurdity, be in no doubt whatsoever that they hold you in complete contempt. Furthermore - and when will the penny drop? - it also means they are knowingly and deliberately placing their people in danger. That means YOU and YOUR FAMILY. No one is safe, nowhere is safe, no one knows where jihad will raise its ugly head next.

It's also clear that despite these diabolical attacks - and everyone knows there'll be more of them - the European political elites will refuse to close their borders. This was confirmed by the President of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker. The elites will carry on regardless with their pernicious multicultural experiment to transform their nations without caring a jot for the safety of their own people.

Multiculturalism has failed. Even Angela Merkel, the former DDR commissar who opened Germany's borders and allowed in hordes of immigrants, has admitted it. Yet somehow the solution to immigrants raping, terrorizing and murdering Europeans is to import more immigrants!

A core principle of democracy is that no parliament can bind its successor. Yet with multiculturalism, this principle has been nixed. All governments, left, right or center, must continue with the multicult experiment. It cannot be stopped and it cannot be reversed. Despite the carnage and the suffering, the desire to make the lands of the West lebensraum for third world invaders is merely intensified.

In doing so, the elites are placing the heads of their people on the chopping block. They're sending a signal that their loyalty is to aliens, not their own people. And any patriot who dares to oppose the invasion of their land and the betrayal of a people is smeared and criminalized as a racist Nazi.

I assert: this isn't just a betrayal; it's treason on a scale never previously seen in Western history. People are dying for multiculturalism and the elites are happy to sacrifice them on the rainbow altar. Mass sexual assaults, gang rapes, axe attacks, machete attacks, truck slaughter, mass shootings and suicide bombings are all part of the cultural enrichment diversity brings. You either do as you're told and learn to live with it and hope you and your family's number doesn't come up or you do the one thing you can do to stop it: vote for parties that will place the interests of you, your people and your country first. If you continue to vote for the established political parties, you're merely a turkey voting for Christmas.

And just as I'd finished this piece, news breaks of an attack on a Christian church in Normandy, France. A priest who had his throat slit is confirmed dead. How many more innocent people must die for multiculturalism?


Christopher J. Green is the author of the controversial new book: Liberty Violated - The Secret Agenda of Multiculturalism and the Deliberate Destruction of Western Civilization. It exposes three core tenets of Islam politicians don't want you to know and no one dares to talk about, click here now for more info >>